Singularity.FM is the 1st and best singularity podcast - the place where we interview the future. Singularity.FM is a series of podcast interviews with the best scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, philosophers and artists - such as Ray Kurzweil, Noam Chomsky, Michio Kaku, Vernor Vinge and many others, debating the technological singularity. The podcast is a conversation about the impact of technology, exponential growth, transhumanism, artificial intelligence and ethics on the future of humanity: because technology is not enough!

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episode 14: Chapter 11: The AI Story

If we get the AI story right we have a chance to coexist peacefully. If we get it wrong that could mean a Gigawar of planetary proportions, even extinction.


 2021-08-02  8m

episode 13: Chapter 10: The Capitalism Story

If money is the most popular story, then capitalism is likely the 2nd most popular one. And if we are to capture its story in a single word it is growth.


 2021-07-19  10m

Nikola Danaylov: Technology Reveals Who We Are, Not The Future

I recorded this virtual keynote for a corporate client about 10 days ago and decided to share it publicly. Hope you enjoy it 😉   Technology is a Mirror, Not a Crystal Ball; It Reveals Who We Are, Not the Future   The 1st atomic bomb was nicknamed “ga...


 2021-07-11  47m

Nikola Danaylov’s Virtual Keynote: How to Be a Futurist

A few weeks ago I had a client who asked me to do a virtual keynote on futurism. The client was pretty happy how it turned out so I thought I’d share it publicly. This way you can hopefully enjoy, share and benefit from it too.


 2021-07-05  17m

episode 12: Chapter 9: The Technology Story

The most popular and powerful technology is not the wheel. It is not the internet. It is not even money, even though almost everyone believes in money.


 2021-06-28  15m

episode 11: Chapter 8: The Science Story

The story of our universe is called physics. Of atoms - chemistry. Of organisms - biology. Of human cultures - history. Our universe is made of stories, not atoms.


 2021-06-20  9m

episode 10: Chapter 7: The Human Story

We are story-telling animals. And all of history is the human story, our story. This story takes many forms and shapes – religious, secular, scientific, economic...


 2021-06-13  7m

episode 9: Part II - Our Story

The most important story, that which all other stories are derived from, is the story of the storyteller: the human story.


 2021-06-06  3m

episode 8: Chapter 6: The Biology of Story

Humans are not Homo Sapiens. We are Homo Narrative. Because the biology of our story is the story of our biology.


 2021-05-31  8m

episode 7: Chapter 5: The Importance of Story

Stories are not just stories. Stories matter. Because, to paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche, if one has a sufficiently strong “why” one can endure any “how.”


 2021-05-23  8m