Singularity.FM is the 1st and best singularity podcast - the place where we interview the future. Singularity.FM is a series of podcast interviews with the best scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, philosophers and artists - such as Ray Kurzweil, Noam Chomsky, Michio Kaku, Vernor Vinge and many others, debating the technological singularity. The podcast is a conversation about the impact of technology, exponential growth, transhumanism, artificial intelligence and ethics on the future of humanity: because technology is not enough!

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episode 6: Chapter 4: The Power of the Storyteller

No one is the villain in their own story. That's why the storyteller - i.e. he who writes history, is always good, benevolent, generous, right and wise.


 2021-05-16  7m

episode 5: Chapter 3: The Power of Story

Stories that spread don’t just win, they change the world. That's the power of story. And it's true of Christianity, Islam, Communism, Capitalism or Feminism.


 2021-05-10  5m

episode 4: Chapter 2: The Story of Story

We've sought meaning since the beginning. And we find it in story. The story that we tell ourselves. Thus, a world devoid of meaning becomes meaningful.


 2021-05-03  4m

episode 3: Chapter 1: The Definition of Story

It was Jeff DeChambeau who brought all the essential elements together behind the definition of story as “information processing technology.”


 2021-04-24  7m

episode 2: Part  I: Story

Our future is determined by our story. And it doesn’t matter if you are an individual, a company or a nation – change your story, change your future.


 2021-04-19  5m

episode 1: ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future

Stories are equipment for living. But our equipment is obsolete. We must upgrade or go obsolete too. "ReWriting the Human Story" is my proposal to do that.


 2021-04-17  12m

Gus Hosein on Privacy: We’ve been well-meaning but stupid

Dr. Gus Hosein is a 20+year-veteran of Privacy International. So to say that he knows a lot about privacy will be an understatement. But his knowledge is not merely academic. Gus and his scrappy team of privacy crusaders have fought the long and hard w...


 2021-01-28  2h10m

Francesca Ferrando on Philosophical Posthumanism

Though admittedly posthumanist, Francesca Ferrando‘s Philosophical Posthumanism is the best book on transhumanism that I have read so far. I believe that it is a must-read for transhumanists and non-transhumanists alike. In fact,


 2021-01-20  2h6m

Kim Stanley Robinson on Climate Change and the Ministry for the Future

Kim Stanley Robinson has an asteroid named after him. The reason for that is simple: Stan, as he’s often known among people who know him, is one of the best known contemporary authors of classic [hard] science fiction.


 2021-01-11  2h20m

Matthew Cole on Vegan Sociology, Ethics, Transhumanism and Technology

Dr. Matthew Cole is the only vegan sociologist that I know of. His unique point of view on veganism, especially its implications with respect to ethics, transhumanism, and the application of technology, has already left a mark on the way I perceive the...


 2021-01-04  2h0m