Sisters Who Scene It

Two sisters from Jersey tackle movies from their childhood with fresh eyes. One is in her 20's, and loves nerdy, sci-fi, horror, and family movies, while the other is in her 30's, and loves rom-coms, dramas, and indie movies. Tune in to listen to Katie and Bridget as they reminisce, theorize, and laugh through all the different movie genres!

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episode 164: The Faculty

Katie and Bridget spread alien conspiracy theories as they re-watch the movie: The Faculty! It's a movie featuring every actor ever (for real) in a sci-fi version of The Breakfast Club! Come along as we watch high schoolers try to survive a parasitic alien invasion that takes down the school's faculty. The aliens also may or may not be contributing to our planet's water crisis as a result - but we digress...



episode 163: Surf Ninjas

Katie and Bridget yell "Kwantsu dudes!" as they re-watch the movie: Surf Ninjas! It's a nostalgic family favorite that features two things the 90's loved: ninjas and surfing...



episode 162: The Breakfast Club

Katie and Bridget get Saturday detention as they re-watch the 80's classic: The Breakfast Club! It's a movie all about how no matter how different people may be, they can still find ways to get along.....



episode 161: Barbie: NOstalgic Happy Hour

Katie and Bridget say "Hi Barbie!" as they re-watch this month's NOstalgic Happy Hour pick: Barbie! It's a movie all about how sometimes thoughts of death can lead to flat feet, horses/patriarchal takeovers, and cellulite. Come along as we meet Barbie, who's friends with Barbie, Barbie, and Barbie! Oh yeah and there's also Ken, Ken, and of course, Ken - he only has a good day when Barbie says hi to him...



episode 160: A League of Their Own

Katie and Bridget slide into each other and one of them drops the ball (on purpose - or not!?) as they re-watch the 90's classic: A League of Their Own! It's a story all about the very first women's professional baseball league in America and how lots of people were into it! But only if the women also knew how to powder their nose on third base.....



episode 159: Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

Katie and Bridget drop off their dead babysitter at a random cemetery as they re-watch the movie: Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead! It's a story all about a loving family of 5 siblings who have to make it on their own for an entire summer.....


 2023-08-16  59m

episode 158: Anaconda

Katie and Bridget do NOT go swimming in the Amazon as they re-watch the iconic creature feature: Anaconda! It's a movie all about how Jon Voight ruins a documentary crew's good time... Oh and also there's a giant anaconda out there eating people. Sorry scratch that - there's at least TWO anacondas out there!? Come along as we follow the documentary film crew who really just should have said no to helping others...


 2023-08-09  56m

episode 157: American Pie

Katie and Bridget each eat a pie LIKE A NORMAL PERSON as they re-watch: American Pie! It's a movie all about four best friends just looking to close out their high school careers in the best way possible... By getting laid, non-consensually filming women, and fucking pies! ...Seriously! But don't worry, there are some sex positive messages in here - believe it or not...


 2023-08-02  1h6m

episode 156: Top Gun

Katie and Bridget fly a plane upside down while they take a polaroid, as they re-watch the 80's classic: Top Gun! It's a story all about how if you're a white man flying planes, you really can screw up billions of times and still be allowed to fly - especially if you're Tom Cruise! Come along as we meet Maverick, an "ACTUALLY" guy who for no reason at all gets admitted to the exclusive Top Gun school...


 2023-07-26  1h1m

episode 155: Tremors

Katie and Bridget make their way to Bixby but then immediately keep turning around as they re-watch the movie: Tremors! It's a story all about a small town... Filled with dust.....


 2023-07-19  53m