Sisters Who Scene It

Two sisters from Jersey tackle movies from their childhood with fresh eyes. One is in her 20's, and loves nerdy, sci-fi, horror, and family movies, while the other is in her 30's, and loves rom-coms, dramas, and indie movies. Tune in to listen to Katie and Bridget as they reminisce, theorize, and laugh through all the different movie genres!

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episode 149: Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Katie and Bridget travel via car, truck, train, bus, bull, and bike as they re-watch the movie: Pee-wee's Big Adventure! It's a movie all about Pee-wee Herman - a guy who probably needs to eat more, but also needs to tell us where he got his cool horoscope machine from! His prized bike gets stolen and he goes on... Well.....



episode 148: Poltergeist

Katie and Bridget dive head first into a closet as they re-watch the movie: Poltergeist! It's a story all about a nice, healthy, normal family, who all like each other and treat each other with love and respect.....



episode 147: The Princess Diaries

Katie and Bridget randomly go rock climbing as they re-watch the movie: The Princess Diaries! It's a story all about how if your estranged grandma comes back into your life, when your also estranged dad recently dies, while your not estranged but definitely eclectic mom kept it all a secret from you just cause(!) - Well, then you just might be a princess....?! Come along as we meet Mia, a girl who just wants to be invisible but who also wants to drive a mustang...



episode 146: Nostalgic Movie Survivor

Katie and Bridget wear their buffs on an island as they play a game of Nostalgic Movie Survivor! 18 nostalgic movie characters (all ones from movies we've reviewed!) are placed on an island and set out to compete to become the ultimate Survivor! Alliances are formed, challenges are faced, with lots of twists and turns along the way...



episode 145: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Katie and Bridget find their golden tickets as they re-watch the movie: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory! It's a story all about how shaming children via song can really churn out some bops! Just kidding - it's actually about consumerism, lying to your family about fake disabilities, and testing the moral compass of children.....



episode 144: The Fifth Element

Katie and Bridget podcast in space (on a hijacked space cruise ship) as they re-watch the movie: The Fifth Element! It's a movie all about how Captain Planet was right listing out 5 elements of Earth instead of just 4! ...Look it was written by a teenage boy okay!? Come along as we meet Korben Dallas, a guy who speaks in mumbles, who gets thrust into a random plot about saving the world from an evil planet called Dr...


 2023-05-03  1h2m

episode 143: Pen15: NOstalgic Happy Hour

Katie and Bridget get bowl cuts for middle school as they discuss this month's NOstalgic Happy Hour pick: Pen15! It's a show that depicts the ups and downs (mainly downs with lots of embarrassment really) that we've all experienced in middle school...


 2023-04-26  55m

episode 142: Toy Story

Katie and Bridget fly through the air via rocket as they re-watch the movie: Toy Story! It's an adorable little movie made for children all about toys coming to life.....


 2023-04-19  1h0m

episode 141: The Others

Katie and Bridget eat some ghost soup as they re-watch the movie: The Others! It's a movie all about how when your house becomes covered in fog and all the birds disappear and everybody from your life mysteriously disappears and you hear weird noises and your kids tell you that there's someone living in your house... Welp.....


 2023-04-12  56m

episode 140: She's the Man

Katie and Bridget become dudes (really hunky dudes!) as they re-watch the movie: She's the Man! It's a movie all about how if your dreams of becoming a soccer star get crushed because your school gets rid of the team without telling anyone, then just go pretend to be a member of the opposite sex to play soccer instead! It all makes sense! Come along as we meet Viola: a girl who literally just goes through the joke/plot explanation from the sentence before...


 2023-04-05  1h1m