Six Tackles With Gus

James Bracey and league legend Phil “Gus” Gould bring you the six biggest issues in Rugby League each week. Released every Wednesday.

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episode 3: NRL shutdown

After the NRL canned their 2020 season following the COVID-19 outbreak, the league now finds itself in a perilous situation. With the league's future up in the air, James Bracey and Phil Gould explore the precarity of the next 12 months alongside the economic fallout across the board.



episode 2: Round Two

‘NRL can’t afford not to play’. Phil Gould and James Bracey discuss the extraordinary circumstances surrounding COVID-19, how it’s impacting the game and what needs to be done to save the code. The pair also break down all the action ahead of round two this weekend.



episode 1: Round One

Ahead of the first game of the NRL season, Phil Gould and James Bracey tell us who they're tipping to win. 



episode 30: Round Twenty Nine

In their final episode for 2019, Phil Gould and James Bracey talk about how to prepare for a final, player payments and what happens after the final when only one team returns home as winners. 


 2019-10-02  40m

episode 28: Round Twenty Eight

In the second last podcast of the season, Phil Gould and James Bracey talk about what's ahead for the semi-final, who will have the mental edge, injury concerns and scouting the opposition teams. 


 2019-09-25  42m

episode 28: Round Twenty Seven

This week Phil Gould and James Bracey discuss the fallout from the Eels vs Broncos game and the crisis meetings that followed in Brisbane. The pair talk about the way club managers and coaches handle the decision to ask a player to leave if they're not needed or no longer fit. 


 2019-09-18  48m

episode 27: Round Twenty Six

James Bracey and Phil Gould talk about what makes the DNA of a club. Gus expresses his concern over some comments made by a chairman at the judiciary and in light of this, the pair question if what happens on the field, stays on the field. 


 2019-09-11  30m

episode 26: Round Twenty Five

James Bracey and Phil Gould are back this week to talk about team form, resting players and training for peak performance. They discuss if a team deserves to be in the finals even if they've lost more games than they've won. 


 2019-09-04  47m

episode 25: Round Twenty Four

This week's episode of Six Tackles With Gus is unavailable due to technical difficulties. We will be back next week with all the big topics ahead of the finals.


 2019-08-28  0m

episode 24: Round Twenty Three

Phil Gould and James Bracey talk about selfish coaches making short term decisions and what it takes to be an NRL coach today. James reveals Gus was fuming over the Broncos attempt to downgrade a tackle at the judiciary.


 2019-08-21  45m