Sixth World Podcast

A round-table discussion where we talk about Shadowrun. Every episode we have a guest or two join us from the wide world of Shadowrun content creation. Freelance writers, other podcasters, or maybe ever Catalyst Game Labs people themselves. We stream it live! You can listen later, or join us while we record!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h16m. Bisher sind 44 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 37: Spinrad w/ Opti

Spinrad and his new AAA megacorporation, SpinGlobal, are set up to be one of the most exciting new members of the Big 10 in a long time... especially for shadowrunners. Opti joins us today to talk about Spinrad, Global Sandstorm, and the middle east...


 2018-02-24  1h37m

episode 36: NeoNET In Memoriam w/ Brooke Chang

The story of NeoNET is one of a megacorporation adapting, changing, reinventing, and winning at all costs. We sit down with Booke Chang to tell the story of this corporate pheonix which has risen from the ashes and fallen for, perhaps, the last...


 2018-02-10  1h22m

episode 35: Riggers w/ Damian Szydlo

Historically, Riggers in Shadowrun have not been given a lot of attention. For that reason, it can be a really difficult archetype to play effectively. Damian Szydlo comes on this episode to tell you the good, the bad, and how to do your best as a...


 2018-01-27  1h14m

episode 34: The Villiers Family

Who knew that the Villiers family was so incredibly involved in all the big things that have happened throughout Shadowrun history? Echo Mirage, Crash 2.0, Dunkelzahn's will, even Thor Shots! It's all a part of the history of this family. 


 2018-01-14  1h20m

episode 33: Blood Magic w/ Kevin Czarnecki

Blood Magic is something we've all heard about and been told is scary and dangerous in the sixth world of Shadowrun. We talk with Kevin Czarnecki about why blood magic is (or possibly is not) so dangerous and reviled in Shadowrun. 


 2017-12-30  1h19m

episode 32: Dark Terrors w/ Brooke Chang

Shedim, elder gods, ghouls, CFD cures... we talk about it all in this dive we take into the newest Shadowrun sourcebook, Dark Terrors. Come listen as we are joined by freelance author, Brooke Chang, to talk about this creepy crawly book!


 2017-12-16  1h22m

episode 31: Artifacts w/ Ozzkore

Dragon eggs, magical statues, enchanted fruitcakes... Artifacts in Shadowrun are mysterious (and sometimes hilarious). Ozzkore of Join the Anarchy joins us on this episode as we talk about the magical macguffins known as artifacts in the sixth world.


 2017-12-02  1h25m

episode 30: Shapeshifters w/ Patrick Goodman

We discuss shapeshifters in the sixth world of the Shadowrun tabletop rpg. Learn what they are, how they integrate with the world, and how to get started creating one.


 2017-11-18  1h16m

episode 29: The Complete Trog w/ Scott Schletz

We discuss all things ork and troll in this review / overview of The Complete Trog. Shadowrun freelance author Scott Scheltz joins us in our discussion!


 2017-11-04  1h18m

Ep 028 - RPG Development w/ Jason Hardy

We are joined by Shadowrun Line Developer Jason Hardy to talk to us about developing for RPGs, the hard decisions that have to be made when publishing Shadowrun, and the future of our favorite game.  Chit-Chat / Catching Up BOBBY - The state...


 2017-10-21  1h15m