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Join two friends, animators, and complete geeks who talk film, TV, cartoons, and video games every two weeks, as they take time to discuss their latest pop culture experiences and hand-pick various titles, series, and topics old and new for in-depth and often funny discussions.


#2: Paper Mario Color Splash/Watch Dogs 2/Doctor Strange/Dragon Ball Super (ft. Chris Wade)

Pay no attention to John's opening words in this episode, because our test recording turned out good enough to become the podcast's official debut, making this number two in line. With a more concrete template worked out, Chris and John share both...


 2016-12-05  1h1m

#1: Ratchet & Clank Movie/Shin Godzilla/Owlboy (ft. Chris Wade)

Have a listen to the test recording that John ended up finding good enough to serve as our first episode!  Due to both of us having some discussions on our personal tastes and what kinds of stuff we'd like to discuss on the show, this is a bit...


 2016-12-01  53m