Skywalking Through Neverland: A Star Wars / Disney Fan Podcast

Star Wars, Disney, Marvel fans, this is the podcast for you! Husband and wife team Richard and Sarah (plus LOTS of interviews with amazing guests) cover Star Wars, Disney and pop culture fandom - the stuff that surrounds us, penetrates us and binds us all together as instantaneous friends! So grab a glass of blue milk and take the second star to the right straight on to this podcast. Become a Skywalker!



      episode 218: Ant-Man, Wasp & Pixar Pier!

      This is our BIG Ant-Man and the Wasp episode! Dave Parfitt (Adventures By Daddy) joins us for our spoiler-filled discussion of the film and press junket held in Los Angeles. Is Paul Rudd as cute in person? Does Evangeline Lilly embody her Wasp persona in real life? These are important questions, and we go over every inch in this episode. Pixar Pier opened at the Disneyland Resort on June 23rd. Dave Parfitt attended a press preview and reviews the overlay.



      episode 217: #HappyBeeps

      Do you need a good healthy dose of fun and positivity in your fandom? Then this is the place! On today’s episode we are going to change the conversation of Star Wars fandom and hear what makes you happy in this fandom. Several Skywalkers sent in voice messages and left comments in our Facebook Group, which we will share on this show. We also talk with our good friend Mark Newbold (Fantha Tracks) about a new addition to his Star Wars news site - a podcast network!



      episode 216: Incredibles 2 Spectacular!

      How Incredible are you feeling today? Incredible enough for an Incredibles 2 Spectacular episode?? Then you’ve come to the right place! On today’s episode we have our SPOILER-FILLED Incredibles 2 review, as wells as Incredibles 2 press conference highlights. We will also touch on the Pixar Short that plays before the film. It’s called BAO and features first-time director Domee Shi. An appetizer and a main course, what could be more INCREDIBLE?!



      episode 215: SOLO Breakdown and Dee Tails, Part 2

      Part 2 of our Solo: A Star Wars Story coverage includes highlights from the Global Press Conference which Sarah attended on May 12th. This episode also includes Part 2 of our discussion with Dee Tails, Creature Performer! He plays Quay Tolsite - the Pyke on Kessel who got his butt kicked by Qi’ra, as well as several other characters. Did he even play a Cloud Rider with Enfys Nest's gang?? Let's find out!


       2018-06-15  1h53m

      episode 214: 214: Dee Tails is Back! Behind-the-Scenes of SOLO, Part 1

      Dee Tails, Creature Performer, joins us in a fun-filled discussion of his credited role in SOLO: A Star Wars Story! He plays Quay Tolsite - the Pyke on Kessel who got his butt kicked by Qi’ra. Dee Tails shares on-set stories, compares directors Ron Howard and Lord & Miller, and discusses his impressions of Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson.


       2018-06-06  1h18m

      episode 213: SOLO Breakdown, Part 1

      This is our big SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Initial Reaction Roundtable recorded with several Skywalkers at the world famous TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood! Listen closely as we had a special Star Wars alumni guest drop by to say a few words. This is where I should warn you - this episode is SPOILER-FILLED. Episode 213 also includes more info about and how much was raised for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.


       2018-05-28  1h44m

      Star Wars Celebration Chicago

      Star Wars Celebration 2019 - we FINALLY know when and where it will be, so Jason Gibner of Blast Points Podcast joins us to discuss the pros, cons and controversy of Chicago 2019. Rumors had been stirring and Anaheim was a sure bet for SWCelebration 2019, so when the news hit that it will take place in Chicago, it stirred up a Rock Hornets nest. Let’s take a step back and see just what we can expect.


       2018-05-18  28m

      Classic Marvel STAR WARS Comics #17 with Randy Martinez: CRUCIBLE!

      Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics #17 “Crucible” has a LOT of parallels to Solo: A Star Wars Story. Unlike many of the vintage, action-packed Star Wars comics, this one follows one character, Luke, on a character-building journey complete with womp rats, Beggar’s Canyon and Skyhoppers. What’s not to love?? We tackle this comic with Star Wars artist Randy Martinez.


       2018-05-17  1h31m

      episode 212: Ashley Eckstein - #DreamWarrior

      This week we are excited to welcome one of the brightest stars in all fandom, Ashley Eckstein! She makes her first stop in her podcast book tour to tell us all about It’s Your Universe: You Have The Power To make It Happen! How can you be a #DreamWarrior? Is there power in princesses? Let’s find out! Will you be at Ashley's Book Tour Signing at The WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney on Friday, May 25th? An exclusive print designed by Ashley Taylor will be available for purchase!


       2018-05-10  1h24m

      episode 211: Avengers INFINITY WAR Spectacular!

      AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is the culmination of 10 years and 18 Marvel films, so join us as we celebrate, review and discuss with ScreenRant’s Joseph Decklemeier! WARNING: SPOILER-FILLED. Joseph and Sarah attended the Avengers Infinity War Press Conference, and moderator Jeff Goldblum called on Sarah. She asked Thor a question. If you’re unfamiliar with the comic origins of Infinity War, this episode also contains a helpful Infinity Gauntlet Primer.


       2018-05-04  1h52m