Skywalking Through Neverland: A Star Wars / Disney Podcast

Star Wars, Disney, Marvel fans, this is the podcast for you! Husband and wife team Richard and Sarah (plus LOTS of interviews with amazing guests) cover Star Wars, Disney and pop culture fandom - the stuff that surrounds us, penetrates us and binds us all together as instantaneous friends! So grab a glass of blue milk and take the second star to the right straight on to this podcast. Become a Skywalker!



      episode 191: Gina Rock, Disneyland’s Flying Tinker Bell

      Ever wonder what it’s like to soar over Sleeping Beauty Castle while fireworks boom all around you? To be the symbol of Disneyland’s magic gliding across the sky? Gina Rock IS Tinker Bell. Specifically the longest flying Tinker Bell in Disneyland history, from 1983-2005. We are delighted to welcome her as our guest, and her stories are almost unbelievable. Hold on, was she the first...Jedi Tink?? **gasp**

      Bob Iger has announced a new Star Wars trilogy helmed by Rian Johnson and a li...



      episode 190: Skywalking Through Rancho Obi-Wan Gala!

      The annual Rancho Obi-Wan Gala in Petaluma, CA is a wonderful chance to wine, dine and see some amazing Star Wars collectibles. It’s also a great place to meet like-minded Skywalkers! This episode includes a huge roundtable discussion on the ROWGala that we recorded at Imagination Park in San Anselmo (donated by George Lucas in 2013).

      Roundtable Skywalkers:

      Brian Sims Martin Keeler (Fantha Tracks) Donald and Roxanne Wicks (Rebel Legion Endor Base) James Burns (Jedi News) Mark N...



      episode 189: Trick or Treating with Ben Cooper

      Happy Halloween, Skywalkers!! What better way to celebrate than talking with two people from the Ben Cooper Co. who brought you years of joy as kids?? This episode features our amazing discussion with Ira Cooper, the nephew of Ben Cooper; and Frank Romano, costume artist for the Ben Cooper Co. for over 30 years. If you wore a Ben Cooper costume when you were a kid, this will be a very special episode for you. But even if you didn’t, it will be blast to hear about the first commercially a...



      episode 188: Rebels Screening at Lucasfilm and...SOLO!

      What better way to watch the first three episodes of Season 4’s Star Wars Rebels than at Lucasfilm?? Skywalkers Donald Wicks (Base Commander, Rebel Legion - Endor Base) and Joey Pittman (Disney Universe Podcast) did just that, and tell us all about the experience. We also recap Episodes 1 & 2 - the Heroes of Mandalore arc. From stand-out moments to horrifying revelations, we cover it all.

      Heroes of Mandalore Synopsis:

      Sabine leads a mission to free her father, but finds that ...



      episode 15: Classic Marvel STAR WARS Comics #15 with Randy Martinez

      Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics is back from our Summer Hiatus! In this episode Richard, Sarah and Star Wars artist, Randy Martinez cover issue #15 - Star Duel! - where there are no pants in space.

      Title: "STAR DUEL" Release Date: May 23, 1978 Writer: Archie Goodwin Artwork: Carmine Infantino, Terry Austin Coloring: Janice Cohen Cover Art: Carmine Infantino, Terry Austin

      Synopsis: Crimson Jack's battlecruiser is fully operational and waiting for Han Solo and the Millennium...



      episode 187: Forces of Jennifer Muro and Trailer Talk

      Forces of Destiny writer Jennifer Muro joins us to discuss the new half hour Disney XD Special, and tease us with bits about the next one coming on October 29th. We also talk about the amazing Forces of Destiny adventure dolls, and how we would have played with them when we were kids. It’s a hoppin’ discussion, and hoojibs may pop in as we bounce around potential ideas for new episodes.

      Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer has aired, tickets are on sale and has a line in pl...



      episode 186: GeekGirlCon and Clone Wars Micro Series wrap-up

      Sarah flew up to Seattle, WA to attend GeekGirlCon this past weekend with her Fangirls Going Rogue friends Tricia Barr and Teresa Delgado. She recaps her trip, the panels and the film shoot with the Star Wars documentary, Looking For Leia. What can Cons and Star Wars Celebrations learn from GeekGirlCon? Turns out, a lot!

      MINI-SERIES CONTINUED: Jocasta Drew (Drew Kaplan of and Nitzan Harel join us as we wrap up our breakdown of the Clone Wars Micro Series. Season ...



      episode 185: 4th Anniversary Special - Cruising Through Neverland

      Our podcast is 4 years old! To celebrate, we bring you aboard the Disney Wonder to discuss our Halloween on the High Seas podcast cruise with a dozen Skywalkers! During the cruise, we sat down to discuss the high points with Randy Crane (Stories of the Magic), Chickaphant and Chickaphant’s parents, Michelle and Michael, Lance and Debbie Dobersek, Dave Skale, Peter & Norma Heitman and a special guest that may or may not have had some behind-the-scenes info to dish.

      We asked YOU to s...



      episode 184: In The Beginning There Was COLIN CANTWELL

      This episode features Colin Cantwell, original designer and model maker on Star Wars 1975-1977! How did he come up with the X-Wing design? What did the original Millennium Falcon look like? Why is there a Death Star trench? He answers these questions, plus tells us about his time at NASA during the moon landings and so much more. In a word: Incredible.  

      BB-8 On The Run is a beautifully illustrated book released by Disney-Lucasfilm Press on Force Friday. Written by Drew Daywalt and ...



      episode 183: John Williams LIVE and Force Friday Fun

      Force Friday II is upon us! We spent the midnight madness with James Burns (JediNews), Tricia Barr (FanGIRL Blog / Fangirls Going Rogue) and BJ Priester (FanGIRL Blog / Hyperspace Theories) and recorded our adventure as it happened, from Toys R Us to The World of Disney Store! (CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN PORGS)

      John Williams LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl! It just so happened that Force Friday II included a HUGE Skywalker Meet-up at the Hollywood Bowl, and John Williams conducted his own...