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If Then: is a show about technology, society, and power. Each week, Slate‘s April Glaser and Will Oremus take you on a lively tour of the tech news that actually matters, from fake news in your Facebook feed to the algorithms that want your job to the Uber drivers who want a job with benefits. With news-making interviews of key tech-industry figures, fascinating academics, and top tech journalists, they explore not only how the technology that’s shaping our world works, but the ideas, ideologies, incentives, and biases that underlie it. And guess what: They don’t always agree.




      How Senator Mark Warner Wants to Crack Down on Tech

      The Senate Intel Committee’s Top Democrat on How Government Might Regulate Tech and What His Colleagues Need to Learn To Catch Up.



      Is Privacy A Right?

      Tech lawyer Tiffany C. Li explains how privacy law has evolved in the digital age—and how it hasn’t.



      Fact And Fiction on Wikipedia

      Wikimedia’s executive director explains how the site’s volunteer editors fight misinformation—and harassment.



      Reshuffling the Podcasting Deck

      Hot Pod’s Nick Quah says the industry is on the precipice of big changes.



      Tech Barons Are the New Media Barons

      A conversation with the Washington Post’s media columnist about the billionaires buying news organizations—including her own.


       2018-09-19  46m

      If Then Presents: The Secret History of The Future

      Technology continues to change the way we live and work. Which is why The Secret History of The Future—the new technology show from Slate and The Economists—is digging through the past to find lessons for our future. Subscribe to Secret History of the Future via Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play.


       2018-09-16  44m

      Special Report: Apple’s New (Old) Gizmos

      If Then breaks down the new gadgets from Apple’s big Annual Event.


       2018-09-13  24m

      Google’s Real Biases

      Despite what Ted Cruz might say, conservatives are the not the communities most harmed in internet searches.


       2018-09-12  46m

      How The Future Of Music Streaming Will Sound

      If Then chats about how artists are faring in the streaming music economy, and what Justice Brett Kavanaugh could mean for the future of the internet.


       2018-09-05  43m

      Twitter Without the Nazis

      The founder of Mastodon on how he built an alternative social network, and why people are flocking to it.


       2018-08-29  40m