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This show is all about sex, lifestyle, and so much more. Every week we will have different discussions of the sexual nature, and bring in local guests to weigh in on many different topics! Visit us online at!

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episode 50: Episode #104 - Sex Quizzes and Preferences

In this episode of SFD, we talk about some recent sexcapades and Nathan admits that he did see if he liked it. Did he? ...


 2018-01-30  1h48m

episode 49: Episode #103 - Happy New Year!

The FIRST show of 2018! We have a recap of what went on during our holiday break, sexcapades, and so much more! 


 2018-01-29  1h56m

episode 48: Episode #102 - The Pipe that is Black

Episode #102 Featuring Black Pipe XXX. Tune in! (this was published waaaaaaay late, and we forgot what we talked about. aren't we just the worst?)


 2018-01-09  1h48m

episode 46: Episode #100 - The SFD 100th Show EXTRAVAGANZA!

Okay, so, episode 98 and 99 were not loaded to iTunes (and the other platforms) because they were LIVE only....but this is our 100th show! ...


 2017-11-25  2h41m

episode 45: Episode #97 - The Gang is Back! - Macy Kennedy

In this episode we are joined by Paige, Lucas, Taryn, Nathan, and Amanda is back! We talk about our sex lives, Nathan's most recent discovery ...


 2017-11-07  1h50m

episode 44: Episode #96 - Couples Therapy…again.

In this episode, we are back with Paige, Lucas, Taryn, and Nathan. They discuss their personal lives and sexual partners and we learn WAY too ...


 2017-11-06  1h56m

episode 43: Episode #95 - Nirvana Lust and Kristin the Sex Therapist

In this episode we chat with the lovely Nirvana Lust (@LustNirvana) and we compliment her on her incredible dicksucking ability and big ol' boobies. Then, ...


 2017-10-24  1h48m

episode 42: Episode #94 - Tinder Storytelling?

In this episode we talk about dating, and how guys are getting it fucking WRONG. Taryn and Nathan are back on tinder, throwing that dick ...


 2017-10-10  1h51m

episode 41: Episode #93 - Tangled Tanzi in Studio - Bumming with Buttcat

Yes, we called this show "Bumming with Buttcat". We have Tangled Tanzi in studio, all the way from the northeast and she decided to come ...


 2017-10-03  2h4m

episode 40: Episode #92 - Nina Rivera Interview | PUT IT IN YOUR BUTT | Oral Sex IS EASY

In this episode of the show, a lot of shit happens. Unfortunately this description was written way later in the game, so you'll need to ...


 2017-10-02  1h51m