Slow Burn

In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq without provocation. Most Americans supported the war—as did most politicians and intellectuals, both liberal and conservative. Today, it’s universally considered a disaster.Hosted by award-winning reporter Noreen Malone, the fifth season of Slow Burn explores the people and ideas that propelled the country into the Iraq War, and the institutions that failed to stop it. How did the Iraq catastrophe happen? And what was it like to watch America make one of its most consequential mistakes?

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 43m. Bisher sind 70 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 8: S1 Ep. 8: Going South

How it all ended.


 2018-01-30  44m

Extra, Extra

Some excerpts from our bonus episodes


 2018-01-23  24m

episode 7: S1 Ep. 7: Saturday Night

The weekend it all fell apart.


 2018-01-16  39m

episode 6: S1 Ep. 6: Rabbit Holes

Watergate turned America into a nation of conspiracy theorists.


 2018-01-09  34m

episode 5: S1 Ep. 5: True Believers

Why did so many people stand with Richard Nixon for so long?


 2018-01-02  36m

episode 4: S1 Ep. 4: Lie Detectors

How Watergate became the greatest show on earth.


 2017-12-19  33m

episode 3: S1 Ep. 3: A Very Successful Cover-Up

Why did it take so long for people to care about Watergate?


 2017-12-12  32m

episode 2: S1 Ep. 2: The Defeat of Wright Patman

The first Watergate hearings didn't go so well.


 2017-12-05  30m

episode 1: S1 Ep. 1: Martha

Our eight-episode miniseries launches with the story of a woman who knew too much.


 2017-11-28  27m

Trailer | Coming Nov. 28

A podcast about Watergate.


 2017-11-17  3m