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Soundwaves is a biweekly podcast produced by Salt Lake City's SLUG Magazine, an independent free monthly magazine published since 1989. An acronym for Salt Lake UnderGround, SLUG's podcast, Soundwaves, focuses on local musicians and their music or upcoming events in Salt Lake City. For more information visit

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Episode #318 – Breakfast in Silence

After realizing how much they each liked each others work, Ashleigh Bassett, Val Gram and Russ Wood decided to form Breakfast in Silence. Maybe punk, probably emo, the band will accept labels from soul punk to deconstructed emotive yardcore. … 



Episode #317 – Moodlite

Though theyve only been together for about a year, Moodlite have developed an impressively versatile range of sound. … read more



Episode #316 – Salduro

Insta-Gramo-Phone, the latest release by Salduro, is made for Instagram, forcing the group to embrace the platforms constraints and create something they never would have imagined.  … read more



Episode #314 – I Buried the Box with Your Name

I Buried the Box With Your Name have just released their first album, To Change, and its a wild release from an unassuming group.  … read more


 2019-07-11  20m

Episode #314 – Rebel Rebel

Having played the main stage at Utah Pride Festival, Mason Comstock of Rebel Rebel caps out Pride month with some thoughts on the event and its place in our queer communities.  … read more


 2019-06-26  20m

Episode #313 – Jeff Dillon

After being steered away from a musical career at a younger age, Jeff Dillon eventually found his way back home.  … read more


 2019-06-13  20m

Episode #312 – Rose Colored Roots

Devin Moore discusses how the bands collective musical education has created an alternative rock sound heavily influenced by blues, jazz and a whole lot of funk.  … read more


 2019-05-30  22m

Episode #311 – Ugly Boys

Benton Wood believes the experienced formation of Ugly Boys paved a foundation that has poised them for the big time. … read more


 2019-05-16  17m

Episode #310 – Cool Banana

VHS Vic (Victor Blandon) is a stop-motion animator whose penchant for puppetry has evolved into Cool Banana, a muppet-rock band centered around theatrics and on-stage characters. Thanks for listening to SLUG Mag Soundwaves. This podcast was created by SL


 2019-05-03  17m

Episode #309 – MMEND

Now off the heels of their debut album, Spectator, Mitch Winter muses about what has made MMEND successful and how a sibling dynamic affects the band. … read more


 2019-04-17  20m