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Soundwaves is a biweekly podcast produced by Salt Lake City's SLUG Magazine, an independent free monthly magazine published since 1989. An acronym for Salt Lake UnderGround, SLUG's podcast, Soundwaves, focuses on local musicians and their music or upcoming events in Salt Lake City. For more information visit

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Episode #374 – Toothpicks

On the latest SLUG Soundwaves, local garage rock band Toothpicks discuss the process behind their new album, Gonzo Journalists Are Pretty. … read more



Episode #373 – Courtney Lane

On the latest SLUG Soundwaves, Courtney Lane discusses their journey from the stiff world of classical music to a community-focused mindset. … read more



Episode #372 – MOD

Local musician MOD’s music reaches beyond the borders of genre and welcomes a collage of different sounds and musical approaches. … read more


 2021-09-17  20m

Episode #371 – SONIALOXO

Sharing her music has helped local pop and R&B musician SONIALOXO grow to be a person who doesn’t care what others think. … read more


 2021-09-06  18m

Episode #370 – Swarmer

It’s local metal group Swarmer’s spirit of sharing and willingness to combine ideas that leads to the group’s distinct sound. … read more


 2021-08-20  17m

Episode #369 – Scheissters

After previous experiences in bands where lyrics were meaningless, Scheissters aim to do something different with their music-making process. … read more


 2021-08-06  14m

Episode #368 – Nicole Canaan

Wherever was not only Nicole Canaan’s first EP, but her first time sharing her songs and all the emotions packed into them with someone else. … read more


 2021-07-23  21m

Episode #367 – Iceburn

Episode #367 of SLUG Soundwaves features Gentry Densley from veteran experimental punk group Iceburn discussing their new album, Asclepius. … read more


 2021-07-08  21m

Episode #366 – Backhand

For this episode of SLUG Soundwaves, Jake and Ben Owens talk about the inspirational experiences behind local punk band Backhand. … read more


 2021-06-24  16m

Episode #365 – Ritt Momney

Instead of sealing himself in a box for the sake of recognizability, Jack Rutter explores many shades of his personality through Ritt Momney. … read more


 2021-06-10  19m