Greg Weatherdon

Greg is a sought-after speaker. Having faced many of the trials and tribulations facing the small business owner, Greg offers his audiences and clients practical actionable ideas to improve their organizations and ultimately get more “life” out of their business.

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SBM #109 The Accidental Solopreneur

My guest today is Dennis Geelen and is here to talk about his new book The Accidental Solopreneur and how it can help any consultant acheive greater success


 2022-09-05  14m

SBM #108 – The goose that laid the golden egg

There are many fairy tales when it comes to entrepreneurship. Knowing the difference between reality and fantasy, will save you grief!


 2022-08-10  4m

SBM #107 – Beware of the Whale

A big client can kill your business! That's why the 15% rule is so important.


 2022-06-09  4m

SBM #106 – 4 Ways to deal with difficult clients

The reality of being a small business owner is that you are going to have difficult clients.


 2022-03-28  4m

SBM #105 – 5 Ways to increase sales

Shut up is my best tip to increase your sales. Learn more about this and an additional 4 tips in this episode.


 2022-03-16  6m

SBM #104 – Inflation the destroyer

Inflation is like rust. It can destroy your profitability. In a high inflation era, you must monitor your costs and adjust your pricing.


 2022-02-21  4m

SBM #103 Complacency

We are all guilty of letting things slip occasionally, but it’s what you do about it that counts. When was the last time you took a fresh look at your office, retail space or warehouse? Is it looking a little tattered or cluttered with stuff?


 2022-01-31  7m

SBM #102 Passion vs Passionate

Let’s be honest. There’s lots of things that people have a passion for that could never support their dream lifestyle.


 2022-01-16  3m

SBM #101- Get ready for year-end

Quit waiting until the last minute.


 2021-12-16  6m

SBM #100 – How much time do you really have?

One of the biggest challenges of a service business is managing your inventory. Now you might wonder what inventory,


 2021-11-15  5m