Greg Weatherdon

Greg is a sought-after speaker. Having faced many of the trials and tribulations facing the small business owner, Greg offers his audiences and clients practical actionable ideas to improve their organizations and ultimately get more “life” out of their business.

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SBM #94 – Advice

For some time now I’ve have taken issue with the advice given small business owners on social media platforms under the guise of motivation and advice. Sadly, much of this advice being spewed forth by many of these so called experts is, in my opinion,


 2020-12-08  5m

SBM #93 Pivot

Pivot! Just pivot! That’s what your being told if you’re having challenges running your SME. It’s another one of those words that actually had value once upon a time. Now, it’s so abused that’s it’s nothing more than a throwaway statement by individual...


 2020-11-11  7m

SBM #92 The 2 Biggest Mistakes

This is a guest post by Dennis Geelen of Zero In.Take a minute and think of a few companies that pop into your head that were once seen as leaders in their industry but, for one reason or another, eventually came crashing back down to Earth.


 2020-10-29  7m

SBM #91 The Money Business

Money, it’s one of those personal topics that many people are uncomfortable discussing. Why that is, varies from person to person.Even inside a business that uncomfortableness exist, but that needs to change. Generally speaking,


 2020-09-27  8m

SBM #90 Google Reviews Matter

I’ve been wanting to golf at a rural course for a number of years now. The reason is that this golf course now sits upon farmland that was once owned by two of my uncles. I had spent a lot of time of these farms as a kid growing up and I had only playe...


 2020-08-10  6m

SBM #89 Work From Home

Work from home is not a new concept. People have been looking for any excuse to do so since the turn of the century. Initially, Friday’s was the defacto work from home day. It’s popularity was driven mostly to get a jump on the weekend,


 2020-06-14  10m

SBM #88 Discounts

For many Covid-19 has temporarily changed the way business is done and for others those changes will be permanent. This is both good and bad. The good is that for those that adapt, they will find news ways to do business.


 2020-05-04  4m

SBM #87 – Where have all the experts gone?

Those of you that know me and have either purchased my book or attended an event that I have spoken at, know that the advice I share is based on getting the basics right. By getting the basics right, you can grow your business and your leadership skill...


 2020-04-26  4m

SBM #86 – Entrepreneurs in Crisis

Covid-19 is creating utter chaos for many small business owners. Fear is taken hold of many owners as they wonder what’s next? No one knows when or if they’ll reopen. Most don’t want to admit out loud what they are secretly thinking-bankruptcy.


 2020-04-07  5m

Small Business Minute #85 – Entrepreneurs guide to conference calls

The outbreak of Covid-19 has got the world on lock down and many employees have transitioned to working at home. With that, many entrepreneurs are holding daily conference calls to keep teams connected.The upside is many employees are having greater co...


 2020-03-21  4m