Greg Weatherdon

Greg is a sought-after speaker. Having faced many of the trials and tribulations facing the small business owner, Greg offers his audiences and clients practical actionable ideas to improve their organizations and ultimately get more “life” out of their business.

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Small Business Minute #83 – Shrink to Greatness

Shrink to greatness is a phrase I’ve often had to use when working with clients. To be honest, it’s rarely received well by those I’ve had to tell because everything we read about how to be successful in business says you must grow. So,



Small Business Minute #82 – Starting Over

What if, you had the chance of starting over? What if you could reboot your business? What would you do differently? Theses are questions that I regularly ask small business owners, especially when I come across those that are struggling,


 2019-11-19  6m

Small Business Minute #81 – Burnout

Burnout is one of the leading causes of small business failures. The thing about burnout is that it usually gets justified as just hard work. Of course, entrepreneur knows that being self employed is going to require sacrifices and therefore,


 2019-10-28  n/a

Small Business Minute #80 – e-Transfers Security with Rob Fraser

This is a guest post by Robert Fraser of Senior Exec Consulting an IT expert. e-Transfers have been a wonderful convenience, especially as a small business, however there are some startling security issues. So lets be honest,


 2019-10-16  3m

Small Business Minute #79 – Opportunities

Opportunities are like buses, if you miss one, another one will be along in a minute. That saying has a lot of truth in it, and although I hate missing an opportunity, I’ve found out over the years, not to lose any sleep over it,


 2019-10-01  2m

Small Business Minute #78 – Trust

I recently had some time to kill between meetings and I was hungry. So, I decided to go to a local diner. I figured I could use the time to do some writing. One of the reasons I chose this location is that I knew they had free Wi-Fi and I needed to acc...


 2019-07-12  3m

Small Business Minute #77 – The Customer Goes First

I’ve been considering this topic for quite some time but wasn’t sure it was worth addressing until a recent trip to New York City. Having been out to dinner, we returned to our hotel and were waiting for the elevator to make its way to the ground floor...


 2019-06-03  2m

Small Business Minute # 76 – Pick Up the Phone

Technology has been an amazing boon for businesses of every size, but none more so than for small businesses. Having come of age as an entrepreneur through the technology evolution, it’s truly amazing that what once took days by many,


 2019-04-19  4m

Small Business Minute #75 – Get Clear Air

In the movie Top Gun, Maverick and Goose are flying in close formation with Iceman in a training manoeuvre as they try to shoot down a much nimbler fictitious Russian MiG fighter. Maverick having been accused of abandoning his wingmen in the past,


 2019-04-04  2m

Small Business Minute #74 – Average or Great

We all know how much work it takes to survive, let alone thrive as an entrepreneur. We have all put in the long hours and have faced disappointments along with the successes that come with the territory. Some days, you’re just freaking awesome.


 2019-03-10  4m