Snap Judgment

Snap Judgment (Storytelling, with a BEAT) mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, dramatic, kick-ass radio. Snap’s raw, musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.

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episode 42: The Final Reckoning - Spooked

Jen starts an internship at a museum, it’s built inside two old, historic mansions. Two mansions, same problem: they’re haunted. And when a night nurse is visited by spirits of former patients he’s not sure if he can care for them... It's Spooked season!



episode 41: The King's Ransom

Amateur treasure hunters race to uncover $100,000 in gold and silver after a man buries his entire jewelry store around the state of Michigan. Hunters are given clues and left to explore the woods.



episode 40: The Fall Guy - Snap Classic

An Afghan man is asked the unexpected by one of the most notorious Talibs in his neighborhood. A boy is picked on at school but it isn’t the other kids he has to worry about. Glynn flies too close to the sun. And not even death can keep true friends apart.



episode 39: “August 21, 1971” from Ear Hustle

August 21, 1971, was the deadliest day in San Quentin history, and it’s still a painful topic, both inside the prison and out. At the center of the story was a Black revolutionary named George Jackson. Who was he, and what makes him so controversial, even today?



episode 38: Backstage II

Your favorite Snap Live! Performers are Backstage again, sharing real stories about problematic side dishes, code-switching, and what it’s like to live in their skin.



episode 37: Kismet - Snap Classic

Two women set sail on a tiny boat, embarking on a journey to freedom that takes them across the globe. And a Hungarian composer dreams of changing the world… he did.


 2021-09-16  49m

episode 36: Campfire Tales VIII

This week, Spooked stories that will keep you up at night! A policeman experiences a sinister omen with deadly consequences. Crows set out to send a man warnings in Santa Fe. And it’s confirmed… all dogs do go to heaven.


 2021-09-10  49m

episode 35: “Solomon’s Sword” from This Land

ALM – as referred to in court documents – is a Navajo and Cherokee toddler. When he was a baby, a white couple from the suburbs of Dallas wanted to adopt him, but a federal law said they couldn’t. So they sued.


 2021-09-02  42m

episode 34: The Hired G.U.N.

Sir Dyno is an up-and-coming gangsta rapper straight outta Northern California. But when he gets the money to finance his next CD, he has no idea that the same music that made him a legend will also lead to his downfall.


 2021-08-27  49m

episode 33: Forever is a Long Time

When Ian Coss decided to get married, every living member of his family who had ever been married had also been divorced. He wonders: are we doomed to recycle the patterns of behavior we get from our ancestors? And a fictional tale of marital mayhem!


 2021-08-19  48m