Snap Judgment

Snap Judgment (Storytelling, with a BEAT) mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, dramatic, kick-ass radio. Snap’s raw, musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another. WNYC studios is the producer of leading podcasts including Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, Note To Self, Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin, and more.



      Snap #829 - The Gratitude Special 2017

      Stories: "The Outbreak" - What do you do when a life-threatening disease makes it too dangerous to save the person closest to you.

      "Grits and Sausages" - When Ray Christian was a young boy, he longed to hear the voice of God.

      "The Blue Bear" - For Lynn Schooler grew up in Alaska hearing rumor after rumor about the elusive blue bear. 



      Snap #828 - Kismet

      From Russia With Love

      Two women, a tiny boat, the wide open ocean...and kismet.  

      Elena has written a book about their adventure, called Talking to the Moon. You can read the story on the couple’s website,

      You can learn more about Elena and Meg’s journey at their other website,

      Producer: Liz Mak

      Original Score: Leon Morimoto



      Snap #827 - Duality

      Tameer is part of an ethnic minority in northern Israel called Druze. When he is struck on the head as a young boy he inherits an entire new lifetime of memories.

      Original Score: Renzo GorrioProducer: Shaina Shealy



      Snap #826 - Spooked Presents: The Vanishing

      "Cowboy Ghost" - Valerie is lost in a snowstorm in rural Montana. She thinks she might not be able to get out, when she sees two headlights coming to her through the storm. Help is on the way - she hopes. Valerie’s story comes to us from the book Trucker Ghost Stories, edited by Annie Wilder.

      Producer: Eliza Smith

      "Voice In The Woods" - When the voice says "Stop" you stay perfectly still. And when the voice says "Run!" you had better run.

      Producer: Eliza Smith



      Snap #825 - Spooked Presents "Sanctify"

      "Great Aunt Rose" – When Christina McKenna’s cruel aunt comes back from the grave to make amends--she’s not sure if she can forgive. Read more about Christina’s childhood in Ireland in her book, My Mother Wore A Yellow Dress.

      "Devil’s Water" – Attempting to dig the family well in rural Michigan, Glynn's family comes up dry – until Daddy cuts a deal with the Devil.



      Snap #824 - Confessions Of A Baby Snatcher

      Confessions of a Baby Snatcher

      The ‘work’ of social work is a lot more complicated than Katie Leavitt first thought. Luckily, a little voice helps to guide her.

      Producer: Anna Sussman

      Original Score and Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

      Get The Hook Up!

      Sometimes, you know your big shot when you see it.

      Ayanna Dookie and Seaton Smith are both comedians living in New York.

      Producer: Liz Mak

      Original Score and Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio



      Snap #823 - The Incident At Poison Spider Mesa

      On the next all-NEW Snap..."Incident at Poison Spider Mesa." The story of two men who come face to face one night in the canyon lands of southern Utah.

      Brody Young is a Utah State Park Ranger and motivational speaker, helping other people figure out how to survive the unsurvivable.  To find out more about his story, be sure to check out his website,

      Producer:  Joe Rosenberg

      Original Score and Sound Design: Leon Morimoto



      Snap #822 - Lost In Time

      "Time Warp Saloon" - The neon sign blinks at the roadhouse bar. The jukebox plays an old tune as the bartender shouts, "Last Call." Just one more. Why not? What could it hurt?

      This story came to Spooked from Jim Harold’s Campfire Podcast, hosted by Jim Harold, check it out at

      "Love Letters" - Mark Spencer lived in the haunted house with the ghost of Ladell - and we are eternally grateful that he stuck around long enough to bring us his story. Mark Spencer and h...



      Snap #714 - Man Of Steel

      On the next Snap..."Man of Steel." When an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, what is left standing?

      Sharp Dressed Man

      Glynn discovers discovers the man behind the man he wants to be.Producer: Pat Mesiti Miller

      The Price Of Silence

      How did Ben Holmes disappear and then reappear with a bang?Producer:Davey KimSound Design: Renzo Gorrio

      Old Time Strong Man

      What happens when a five-foot-seven, 42-year-old from Queens decides to become a...



      Snap #821 - The Bear, The Goose and The Whale (Part 2)

      Goose Justice

      Snap storyteller Abdul Kenyatta was taught to be wary of the police. Then one day he found a way to turn the tables.

      Benjamin and The Bear

      Back when he was kid, Benjamin was a scrawny outcast with a penchant for tinkering. He liked to  go on adventures in the abandoned mining town where he grew up, seeking discarded electronics to repair. One day he goes on an adventure that he will never forget.