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STP Weekly League Podcast Hosted by Kyle Borgognoni



      The 2016 Super Cut! Show

      Josiah's Victory Speech, Brittany's New Orleans Spending, and the 2016 Super Cut


       2017-01-06  30m

      Week16- CHAMP WEEK!

      Its Championship Week at STP... BigDoogs vs Year of the Dragon for all the marbles.


       2016-12-23  31m

      Week 15- SemiFinals!

      There's only 4 teams left and we have some close matchups heading into the weekend for the STP Podcast.   Hammertime vs Year of the Dragon BigDoogs vs MADDOG   Who's gonna grab the pigskin out of the sky? Who's gonna go all the way? Get ready get ready get ready....  


       2016-12-16  19m

      Week 14- Playoffs Begin!

      It's the 1st Round of the Playoffs in the STP League and the podcast crashes into oblivion, mediocrity, and overall terribleness. Half the league cares and half the league has checked into a mental institute due to their fantasy depression. Rants: Josiah and Kyle Other: Oh wait nothing else is on the dock for the pod so yeah...


       2016-12-09  18m

      Week 13- PANIC WEEK!

      It's time to panic and freak out the week before playoffs start. It's PANIC WEEK! Best dang episode we've had after the shit storm we've been tossing out there the last couple of week. Love the participation, the heart, the mind, the soul, the strength... Does anyone actually read this? If you do message me and you'll get a prize. Mailbag Rants: Brad, Nate, Kyle, Sam, Josiah, Chris Outside Opinion of the Week: Brandt


       2016-12-02  33m

      Week 12- Sam & the 10 Little Indians

      Here's a Thanksgiving Week 12 edition of the Snap Tackle Pop Podcast. Sam Hemstreet leads the way with 2 rants and everybody else in the league was too lazy.


       2016-11-25  16m

      Week11- I Heart My Team Week

      It's time to make your love public and let everyone know how you feel about your fantasy squad. Does your team do hot yoga in the morning together? Go to the gun range? Prayer and prophetic cleansing on Wednesdays? Whatever it may be, its Week 11 and a chance for you to explain why you love your team. INTRO MAILBAG RANTS: The Ladies Man, Brad, Benton RANKINGS TALK: Kyle OUTSIDE INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK: Ben Cummins (Follow him @BenCumminsFF)


       2016-11-18  35m

      Week 10- Friends or Frienemies?

      Rolling once again with the Snap Tackle Poppers for Week 10 edition where we find out who is a friend and who is a frienemy. It's RIVALRY WEEK! Mailbag Rant: Josiah, Brad, Chris, Kyle


       2016-11-11  16m

      Week 9- The Presidential Pod

      After a weak/week absence, the STP podcast returns just in time for the Presidential Election. Mailbag Rants: Brad, Wynne, Chris, and Kyle Interview of the Week: Big Game James Lee, owner of Year of the Dragon


       2016-11-04  41m

      Week 7- Exposing the Liberal Media

      Week 7 of the STP Podcast is a hard hitting episode exposing the practices and rhetoric of certain members of this league. The people need to get the real information, not what they are force fed from dictators.   Intro: Shoutout from Jason Moore of the Fantasy Footballers, Mailbag, Blast from the Past Rants: Brad, Josiah, Wynne Trades of the Week: Benton Inside the Numbers: Kyle Interview of the Week: Madison and Jonathan  


       2016-10-21  49m