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Host Farnoosh Torabi is Editor at Large of CNET Personal Finance, an award-winning financial strategist, TV host and bestselling author. So Money brings inspiring money strategies and stories straight from today's top business minds, authors and influencers. One day, hear an intimate money conversation with industry greats like Queen Latifah or Margaret Cho, another day learn about the basics of cryptocurrency and its impact on our wallets. On Fridays, tune in as Farnoosh answers your most pressing questions about money, career, guests, all of it. Advice and insights, always delivered through a lens of equity, inclusivity and the changing world we live in. Listeners encouraged to share ideas and submit questions for Farnoosh at

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17: Jacki Zehner and Trailblazing Wall Street

Jacki Zehner is a trailblazer and champion for women’s advancement and leadership. It started at Goldman Sachs, where in 1996 she became the youngest woman and first female trader to be made partner. She currently serves as The Chief Engagement Officer


 2015-01-28  37m

16: Leanne Jacobs and Connecting Self Esteem with Self Worth

Money and lifestyle expert Leanne Jacobs joins So Money to discuss the viscous cycle some of us get into of "chasing" the money, the powerful connection between self-esteem and self-worth. For more check out


 2015-01-27  31m

15: J.D. Roth and Being a Profitable Person

Farnoosh interviews the founder of and one of the very first financial bloggers, J.D. Roth. Visit for more.


 2015-01-26  37m

14: Ask Farnoosh: Where Can I Find Legit Online Work?

In today's episode of Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh responds to listeners' questions regarding ways to find legit online work, whether whole life insurance is "worth it," how to save money on an engagement party and much more. Check out for mo


 2015-01-25  22m

13: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Hire a Tax Preparer

Farnoosh responds to listeners' questions about tax preparation, finding your dream career and to which charities Farnoosh enjoys contributing.


 2015-01-24  31m

12: Kate Northrup and Her Money Love Story

Farnoosh interviews bestselling financial author of Money: A Love StoryKate Northrup. During the interview she describes the importance of identifying what we value in our lives and how that translates into a stronger, more committed relationship with mon


 2015-01-23  29m

11: Dave Asprey and How to Bulletproof Your Finances

Dave Asprey is a self-described ‘biohacker’ who invested $300,000 to hack his own biology and from there he lost 100 pounds and started somewhat of a revolution in the world of health. He is the founder of the Bulletproof Executive, creator of Bulletp


 2015-01-22  31m

10: Danielle LaPorte and Financial Spirituality

Danielle opens ups about how gratitude is not only a part of her spiritual practice but also part of her bottom line. She also speaks candidly about getting fired from her OWN company and living off of many credit cards for a while and her transformation.


 2015-01-21  28m

9: Rebecca Jarvis and Secrets to Career Success

Chief Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis talks about her rise to broadcast stardom and the financial principles that have guided her along the way. For more check out


 2015-01-20  38m

8: Robert Kiyosaki and Getting a "Second Chance"

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki talks about his new book Second Chance.


 2015-01-19  27m