So The Wind...

a journey in zb's musical mindness.

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episode 856: episode 759

sarah davachi buck curran kelly lee owens cucina povera christina giannone bruno nicolai his name is alive perila beru laura cannell valentina malagetti marlene ribeiro maria teraieva the red f x cigvë william ryan fritch


 2020-12-26  1h6m

episode 857: episode 760

Subscribe via or using . ... "tout le monde sait où" "cette route nous mène..." - invariabile (dimensioni sonore 8 - 2020 reissue, ) - no space for us (transition east - 2020, ) - perform (perform and surrender - 2020, ) - eso que tu haces...


 2021-01-02  59m

episode 857: episode 761

perry leopold soho rezanejad trio kontraszt mirza the fall gulf pressure ais wedding present u2 pink floyd stereolab magnetic fields cabaret voltaire


 2021-01-09  1h8m

episode 859: episode 762

bruno nicolai lido pimienta jumble hole clough chapi chapo et les jouets electroniques new age steppers medium medium live skull emmanuelle parrenin detlef weinrich 3rd bass virgin prunes lafawndah ana roxanne viola renea ashley paul


 2021-01-17  1h0m

episode 860: episode 763

all tracks by the fall


 2021-01-24  1h41m

episode 861: episode 764

Subscribe via or using . ... "tout le monde sait où" "cette route nous mène..." - orgasmatron - fantastic life (7" - 1981, ) - this perfect day (7" - 1977, ) - dance of the vampires (Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires...


 2021-01-31  1h6m

episode 862: episode 765

chomo einsturzende neubauten tuxedomoon henri tachan david lannan method man nurse with wound few notes overboard! jauniaux ikue mori pierre bastien jean cohen solal gerard manset paul braffort maajun mars dedalus konk


 2021-02-07  1h1m

episode 863: episode 766

zb,ghost, ghedalia tazartes, milford graves


 2021-02-14  1h0m

episode 864: episode 767

sourdure new age steppers emmanuelle parrenin detlef weinrich david fenech klimperei tall dwarfs changeling cindytalk open to the sea chicaloyoh this mortal coil big blood hughes germain fm einhait andreas ammer


 2021-02-21  1h0m

episode 865: episode 768

Subscribe via or using . ... "tout le monde sait où" "cette route nous mène..." - I'll play for you (sound unlimited - 70's) - let's go calypso (calypso cavalcade - , ) - along my street so many years (the irony of fate - 2016, ) - ya...


 2021-03-15  1h4m