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#78 Everything you need to know about pressing: what it is, its many forms, how it evolved, and much more!

In an homage to Daryl Grove's introductory explainer on pressing in episode 27, your intrepid podcasters take you on a longer journey through the topic: what does it mean, how do teams utilize it, who does it best, how has it evolved over time, what...



#77 Who can own a soccer team, and how does club ownership work?

On this episode of Soccer 101, we discuss club ownership: who is allowed to own a team, and how do the regulations vary between leagues? Which owners have done a good job at the helm, and who leaves a lot to be desired? From fan ownership to...



#76 What are fan-owned clubs and how do they work?

The first part of the above question might seem straightforward... and it is. But! There's a lot more going on. If a thousand people own a team, who makes the decisions? Why are fan-owned clubs becoming more popular? What's the difference between a...



#75 The comprehensive history of the soccer ball

On this episode of Soccer 101, Ryan Bailey, Graham Ruthven and Joe Lowery are talking balls. More specifically, the history and development of the humble soccer ball. From pig’s bladders to microchip-filled wonders, and everything in between,...



#74 The best (and least best) approaches to soccer commentary

Graham, Joe, Ryan and Taylor take a quick look at the history of commentary in soccer, before discussing their favorite play-by-play and color commentators and revealing their favorite-ever moments in punditry. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Today's episode is...


 2021-09-24  38m

#73 "You're not singing anymore!" A brief history of chanting and singing in football

Ryan is joined by Graham and Taylor to discuss the history of chanting and singing at football: how did it start, how has it evolved, why does it lend itself to problematic lyrics, and what are our favorites from history. There was a lot more singing...


 2021-09-17  49m

#72 How does World Cup qualification work? AFC, CAF, Concacaf, Conmebol, Oceania, and UEFA explained!

This episode of 101 fell in an international break, so Ryan Bailey, Taylor Rockwell, Joe Lowery and Graham Ruthven are here to discuss the process of World Cup qualification. We run through how each of FIFA’s confederations determine their...


 2021-09-02  40m

#71 Why isn't Scotland better at football, aka fitba?

Graham Ruthven takes us through a history of Scottish football, from their role in helping develop and spread the game to The Three Kings era to a mythical time when they qualified for multiple World Cups in a row. But what's gone wrong since then,...


 2021-08-27  1h2m

#70 Everything you need to know about MLS All-Star Game, past, present and future

On this episode of Soccer 101, Ryan Bailey, Taylor Rockwell, Graham Ruthven and Joe Lowery discuss Major League Soccer’s showpiece event, the All-Star Game! The gang look at its history, the events that surround it, and suggest some intriguing...


 2021-08-20  33m

#69 The complete history of soccer kits

On this episode of Soccer 101, Ryan Bailey, Taylor Rockwell, Graham Ruthven and Joe Lowery talk about uniforms! When did they first appear in soccer, how did teams pick their colors and what are the modern economics of jersey sales? This episode is...


 2021-08-13  54m