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025, David Reiling, Sunrise Banks | Empowering Underserved Communities

According to Sunrise Banks’ CEO David Reiling, “The culture of Sunrise Banks is all about mission and innovation.” If you pull his statement apart, you’ll notice three components: culture, mission and innovation. These are the magic ingredients that have allowed Sunrise Banks to be recognized as “Best for the World” company.

Sunrise Banks has been recognized on many levels for their purpose-driven innovation. They are a certified Benefit Corporation (BCorp)...


 2015-12-30  32m

024, Tanyella Evans, Library For All | Feeding Great Minds in Low-Income Countries

Tanyella Evans grew up in the highlands of Scotland, which she describes as “the middle of nowhere.” At age 16 she received a scholarship to study at a United World College in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There she learned alongside two hundred students from eighty eight countries. At age 17, the United World College sponsored her on a one-year trip to Uganda as a volunteer teacher. There she saw the difference that an education can make to an eager mind...


 2015-12-28  54m

023, Shanil Samarakoon, Empower Projects| Empowerment as a Community Development Tool

Early in the morning of December 26, 2004, an underwater earthquake sent a massive tsunamis along the countries bordering the Indian Ocean, killing 230,000 people in 14 countries. It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. We have talked about this tsunami before, in episode 11 with Gayatri Datar of EarthEnable...


 2015-12-25  33m

022, Sasha Fisher, Spark MicroGrants | Driving Change Through Empowerment

Where were you on September 11, 2001? If you were more than three years old at the time, there’s a good chance that you remember. Sasha Fisher grew up about five blocks from “ground zero.” At the time, Sasha was in middle school. This event caused Sasha to begin to think outside of her neighborhood, her city and even her country. She began to learn about people around the world who could not meet their most fundamental basic needs...


 2015-12-23  32m

021, Julian Maha, KultureCity | The Startup That is Changing the Perception of Autism

Autism is the fastest growing developmental diagnosis. It is more often diagnosed in children than diabetes, HIV and cancer combined. About four years ago, Julian Maha and his wife received a diagnosis of autism for their son Abram. At the time, they were told that they would need to institutionalize their son...


 2015-12-21  44m

020, Fred Rose, Acara | Helping Solve Hard and Complicated Problems Across Boundaries

Fred Rose grew up on a family farm a few miles from the Canadian border. It was there that Fred learned several life lessons that make him a good entrepreneur: self-sufficiency, a lack of need for permission, perseverance. He was also a bit of an odd man out. Imagine the audacity of a kid in a one-room school house who dared to dream of growing up to be a scientist...


 2015-12-18  41m

019, Carrie Rich, Global Good Fund | The Surprising Power of Strangers to Do Good

Every now and then, life surprises you. People, even complete strangers, have the capacity for kindness and goodness. They can sometimes surprise you in unexpected and wonderful ways. Carrie Rich had one of those experiences, and, in a smaller way, I had one of those experiences when Carrie told me her story.

Of all of the interviews that I have done, this one caught me off guard more than any other...


 2015-12-16  29m

018, Tom Dawkins, StartSomeGood | Building Platforms of Social Good

Special Announcement for this week:

Because of all of the people who have subscribed, rated and reviewed Social Entrepreneur, we are trending in the iTunes store...


 2015-12-14  1h2m

017, Stefan Phang, Soap for Hope | Leveraging the Strength of a Corporation

When you visit a hotel, do you ever wonder what happens to the small piece of soap you leave behind? The average hotel generates somewhere from three to six tons of solid soap waste per year. What if that soap could be diverted from the landfill and used to lift people out of extreme poverty and prevent sex trafficking? Well, that’s what Stefan Phang of Sealed Air’s Soap for Hope program is doing.

Soap for Hope was piloted in Cambodia in October, 2013...


 2015-12-11  48m

16, Funlayo Alabi, Shea Radiance | Women’s Gold

You may have seen shea butter as an ingredient, especially in high-end beauty products. But did you know that in Africa, shea butter is called “women’s gold”?

Funlayo Alabi and her husband share a common problem, dry skin. They have a son who had kidney problems, and he also had very dry skin. Their second son had a severe case of eczema. After trying several over the counter and prescription remedies, they found no relief...


 2015-12-09  56m