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015, Tonya Surman, Centre for Social Innovation | The Master Gardner

Tonya Surman is a master gardener of social innovation. Tonya’s journey began when she was four years-old. Her mother left and her father became the sole parent. Tonya, her father and sister struggled with poverty. She says “My father raised us on love and not food.” She points to this experience as the source of her resilience, strength and a need to create an impact.

At the age of 19, Tonya left University and traveled the world...


 2015-12-07  47m

014, Steele Lorenz, MyRain | Saving Water Resources through Business Innovation

MyRain distributes efficient irrigation equipment to small plot farmers in India. It is not an innovation of technology; drip irrigation has existed and been a proven technology for many years. By using drip irrigation, you can increase crop yield by 50% to 100% and decrease water consumed between 20% and 50% when compared with flood irrigation. Increasing yields can drastically improve the quality of life for small plot farmers...


 2015-12-04  45m

013, Jim Smith, MadiDrop | From Academic Researcher to Founder

When I say “early stage entrepreneur,” whom do you picture? A hungry young person in a hoodie, eating Raman noodles and cranking out code? While this might be the prototype, more and more social entrepreneurs are looking more like Jim Smith. Jim is an academic and a scientist. He spends most days in deep research and in the classroom at the University of Virginia...


 2015-12-02  56m

012, Roger L. Martin, Rotman School | Changing the World One Model at a Time

Roger L. Martin has spent his career attacking models that don’t produce the desired results. I first became aware of Roger L. Martin’s work when I was the Global Head of Learning & Development for Diversey, Inc. My CEO at the time, a former Proctor & Gamble executive, taught me Roger’s cascading choices framework as a method for setting and maintaining strategy. He had first learned it from A.G. Lafley, the CEO of P&G. Later, Roger Martin partnered with A.G...


 2015-11-30  42m

 2015-11-27  52m

010, Devin Thorpe, Champion of Social Good

When Devin Thorpe was 11 years old, he volunteered to clean up in the aftermath of a flood that devastated an Idaho town. This experience left an impression on him and a craving to be of service to others. Over the years, Devin had held a number of positions, working in banking, financial planning and as a Chief Financial Officer.

After Devin lost his job in 2011, he took the opportunity to move to China and to teach...


 2015-11-25  57m

009, David Gluckman, Lumkani | Safety through Innovation

David Gluckman’s career as an entrepreneur started when he was 8 years old and worked in a market booth in Johannesburg. But growing up in South Africa, he could not escape the obvious inequality of society. By the time he reached university in Cape Town, he became determined that he wanted to be part of changing the system.

After a short career in banking and as a consultant for EY, David decided to take a break from corporate life and return to Cape Town...


 2015-11-23  47m

008, Pedro Domingos, Author of The Master Algorithm

When Pedro Domingos was growing up in Lisbon, he loved to read and to learn. In fact, when he was 13 years old, he decided that he wanted to learn everything that there is to know. It did not take him long to decide that it might be a little more useful to, instead of knowing everything, to become deeply knowledgeable about a few topics.

His university studies led him to computer science in the 1980s, just as personal computers were beginning to catch on...


 2015-11-20  55m

007, Isabel Medem, X-Runner Venture | The Care and Feeding of a Social Enterprise

In this interview leading to World Toilet Day on November 19, Isabel Medem talks about her work in hygienic sanitation in Lima, Peru. X-Runner Venture is a social enterprise that brings toilets to the residents of informal housing.

Lima is the second driest capitals on earth. In the informal housing, many people resort to pit latrines which spread disease. Because the pit latrines are dug near the houses, they can cause the ground on which the houses are built to become unstable...


 2015-11-18  42m

006, David Auerbach, Sanergy | Behavior Change through Aspirational Branding

November 19 is World Toilet Day. Why? Because globally, about 2.4 billion people, about one-third of the world’s population, do not have access to a basic toilet. Sanitation-related illnesses kill over a thousand children per day. This problem is compounded by the concentration of informal housing in urban setting.

This week we are bringing you two stories of hygienic sanitation, starting with David Auerbach and Sanergy. David’s mother was a psychologist and social worker...


 2015-11-16  40m