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Social Media and Politics is a podcast bringing you innovative, first-hand insights into how social media is changing the political game. Subscribe for interviews and analysis with politicians, academics, and leading digital strategists to get their take on how social media influences the ways we engage with politics and democracy. Social Media and Politics is hosted by Michael Bossetta, political scientist at Lund University. Check out the podcast's official website:

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episode 108: Black Lives Matter Social Media Narratives outside the US, with James MacGregor

James MacGregor, Managing Director at Bakamo Public, discusses the main narratives in social media conversations around Black Lives Matter in the UK, Turkey, and Hungary. We break down how key themes from the US protests are translated into these respective national contexts, as well as how the debate has evolved since the protests started.



episode 107: Persuasion Effects of Psychometric Targeting and Chatbots, with Dr. Brahim Zarouali

Dr. Brahim Zarouali, Assistant Professor in Persuasive Communication at the University of Amsterdam, discusses his research on social media political ads and their effectiveness on different personality types (introverts and extroverts). We break down the findings from two experiments, which try and replicate the psychometric targeting techniques of firms like Cambridge Analytica by appealing to users' psychological traits and emotions...


 2020-05-31  39m

episode 106: Political Voiceovers for Democratic Campaigns, with Maria Pendolino and Ian Fishman

Maria and Ian are co-founders of Blue Wave Voiceover, a collective of professional voiceover actors lending their voices to Democratic campaigns. We discuss the role of voices in political ads, the back-end of reading political copy, and some of the differences between commercial and political voiceovers. We also demo the script reading process with real political ads, and change their tone to showcase what voiceover actors can do!


 2020-05-10  45m

episode 105: Health Misinformation Correction on Social Media, with Dr. Leticia Bode

Dr. Leticia Bode, Associate Professor at Georgetown University, discusses her research on social media and health misinformation correction. We break down several experiments that test the effectiveness of digital misinformation correction in the context of the Zika virus. We also talk about what the findings might mean for public health organizations' social media strategy in times of crisis. Towards the end, we also look at some of Dr...


 2020-04-26  48m

episode 104: Online Engagement and Digital Campaigning for Pete Buttigieg, with Stefan Smith

Stefan Smith, former Online Engagement Director at Pete for America, discusses the role of social media in digital organizing and campaigning during the 2020 Democratic Primaries. We break down two of Stefan's initiatives -- the Digital Captains program and Digital Door Knocking program -- and how they contributed to the overall campaign. We also talk about the political viability of Pinterest and Reddit, alongside more traditional platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


 2020-04-12  35m

episode 103: What American History Teaches us about Political Communication, with Dr. Ben Epstein

Dr. Ben Epstein. Associate Professor of Political Science at DePaul University, guests to discuss the role of history in understanding contemporary political communication. We take a deep dive in Dr. Epstein's book The Only Constant is Change: Technology, Political Communication, and Innovation over Time, published by Oxford University Press. Dr...


 2020-03-29  46m

episode 102: House of Lords Democracy and Digital Technologies Committee, with Lord David Puttnam and Dr. Kate Dommett

Lord David Puttnam and Dr. Kate Dommett guest to discuss the work on the British House of Lords select committee "Democracy and Digital Technologies." The committee seeks to investigate the pros and cons of digital technologies around six key areas: transparency in political campaigns; privacy and anonymity; misinformation; the effects of digital technology on public discourse; how technology can facilitate democracy; and the development of effective digital literacy...


 2020-03-15  29m

episode 101: Video Search Engines and Petey Vid as an Alternative to Google Video Search, with Craig Stadler

Craig Stadler, Founder and CEO of Petey Vid, guests to discuss the current video search engine landscape and his alternative to the dominance of Google and YouTube: Petey Vid. Petey Vid offers users video content from 60+ different sources while not tracking users’ search history or IP addresses. We break down Craig’s motivations behind starting Petey Vid, how it’s search architecture is structured, and what separates it from YouTube.


 2020-03-01  28m

episode 100: Content Moderation and the Politics of Social Media Platforms, with Dr. Tarleton Gillespie

Dr. Tarleton Gillespie, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and Associate Professor of Communication at Cornell University, guests for our 100th episode! We revisit Dr. Gillespie's 2010 study "The Politics of Platforms" as well as discuss his latest book: "Custodians of the Internet: Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden Decisions that Shape Social Media...


 2020-02-16  57m

episode 99: Information Gerrymandering on Social Networks, with Dr. Alexander Stewart

Dr. Alexander Stewart, Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Houston, guests to discuss his research on "information gerrymandering," recently published in Nature. The study uses a voter game, mathematical modelling, social media data, and legislative data to examine how information asymmetries in social networks impact collective decision-making processes. We break down the study, and the implications of its findings for democracy.


 2020-01-26  52m