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Anaconda and Accelerating AI Development with Rob Futrick

Anaconda is a popular platform for data science, machine learning, and AI. It provides trusted repositories of Python and R packages and has over 35 million users worldwide. Rob Futrick is the CTO at Anaconda,



Engineering the Playdate Gaming Handheld with James Moore and Dave Hayden

Panic has created games such as Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game. They recently ventured into gaming hardware with the Playdate. The console is unique for its inputs, which include a hand crank, and because Panic provides a free SDK,



Using LLMs for Training Data Preparation with Nihit Desai

Machine learning models learn patterns and relationships from data to make predictions or decisions. The quality of the data influences how well these models can represent and generalize from the data. Nihit Desai is the Co-founder and CTO at Refuel.



AI-Driven Observability at Kentik with Avi Freedman

Kentik is a network observability platform that focuses on letting users easily ask questions and get answers about their network. Avi Freedman is the CEO of Kentik and he joins the podcast to talk about the platform, his observability philosophy,



SolidJS with Ryan Carniato

Solid.js is a popular JavaScript framework known for its reactive and efficient rendering system. Instead of using a Virtual DOM, it compiles its templates to real DOM nodes and updates them with fine-grained reactions.


 April 24, 2024  44m

Database Scaling at Figma with Sammy Steele

Sammy Steele is a Senior Staff Engineer at Figma, and the tech lead for their databases team. She previously worked at Dropbox, where she built out their petabyte-scale metadata storage and search systems. Sammy recently published a blog called “How Fi...


 April 23, 2024  55m

Bonus Episode: How to Build a Self-Driving Car with Ian Williams

Autonomous vehicle engineering is a huge challenge and requires the integration of many different technologies. A self-driving car needs data from multiple sensors, ML models to process that data, engineering to couple software and mechanical systems,


 April 19, 2024  37m

Security Engineering with Ben Huber

Ben Huber is a security engineer who has worked at companies including and Blackpanda. He joins the podcast to talk about his career, penetration or “pen” testing, attack vectors, security tools, and much more.


 April 18, 2024  53m

Startup Investing with George Mathew

George Mathew is a Managing Director at Insight Partners where he invested in Weights & Biases, Jasper, and others. He has over 20 years of experience developing high-growth technology startups including most recently being CEO of Kespry.


 April 17, 2024  54m

Hookdeck and Building an Event Gateway with Alex Bouchard

Event-driven architecture is a software design pattern where system components communicate through events that are generated by producers, and pushed to consumers. This design is often contrasted with a request-driven architecture,


 April 16, 2024  47m