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Giphy Engineering with Anthony Johnson

Giphy is a search engine for gifs, the short animated graphics that we see around the Internet. Giphy is also a creative platform where people create new gifs. Every search engine requires the construction of a search index,


 2017-02-06  56m

The End of Cloud Computing with Peter Levine

Cloud computing has pushed computation away from our own private servers and into virtual machines running on a data center. In the world of cloud computing, processing is centralized in these data centers,


 2017-02-03  33m

Reality with Donald Hoffman

What is the relationship between your brain and your conscious experiences? This is is the fundamental question of the work of Donald Hoffman, a professor of computer science and cognitive science at UC Irvine. When Hoffman was a child,


 2017-02-02  1h1m

Developer On Fire with Dave Rael

Software developers succeed by combining technical ability, communication skills, and well-reasoned philosophies to craft information systems. Where this podcast focuses on the information systems, Developer On Fire focuses on the engineers who built t...


 2017-02-01  1h2m

Twilio Engineering with Pat Malatack

Back in 2008, the range of tools that engineers could use to connect computer systems together were getting quite good. Cloud computing was democratizing access to servers. But the telephony ecosystem was still inaccessible to the average developer.


 2017-01-31  59m

Making Money Online for Software Engineers with Courtland Allen

Engineers today have a variety of career options. You could go work for a large corporation, you could raise money and start a startup, you could freelance and move from job to job with freedom–or you could start a business with the goal of quickly bec...


 2017-01-30  55m

Robots for the Elderly with Itai Mendelsohn

Many elderly people live with unhealthy levels of isolation. Social isolation is a problem for anybody, but younger people can use technology to alleviate their isolation with tools like Skype and Facebook.


 2017-01-27  1h0m

Kotlin with Hadi Hariri

Whatever engineering problem you have right now, the solution is probably not to write a new programming language. But sometimes it does make sense. JetBrains makes IDEs–the interactive development environments that many people code in,


 2017-01-26  1h1m

Translation with Vasco Pedro

Translation is a classic problem in computer science. How do you translate a sentence from one human language into another? This seems like a problem that computers are well-suited to solve. Languages follow well-defined rules,


 2017-01-25  56m

Reactive Microservices Development with Markus Eisele

The goals of microservices are the same as what we have pursued in software engineering for decades: isolation, decoupling, maintainability, scalability. The reason that we use the term microservices is not because we have a completely different idea o...


 2017-01-24  58m