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Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. SE Radio covers all topics software engineering. Episodes are either tutorials on a specific topic, or an interview with a well-known character from the software engineering world. All SE Radio episodes are original content — we do not record conferences or talks given in other venues. Each episode comprises two speakers to ensure a lively listening experience. SE Radio is brought to you by the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Software magazine.

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episode 617: Frances Buontempo on Modern C++

Frances Buontempo, author of the new book Learn C++ by Example, discusses the C++ programming language, a widely used general-purpose programming language. Host Philip Winston spoke with Buontempo about where C++ fits into the landscape of existing...



episode 616: Ori Saporta on the Role of the Software Architect

Ori Saporta, co-founder and Systems Architect at vFunction, joins host Jeff Doolittle for a conversation about the role of the software architect. The episode begins with Ori’s thoughts on what is typically missed or overlooked regarding this role....



episode 615: Kent Beck on "Tidy First?"

Kent Beck, Chief Scientist at Mechanical Orchard, and inventor of Extreme Programming and Test-Driven Development, joins SE Radio host Giovanni Asproni for a conversation on software design based on his latest book "Tidy First?". The episode starts...



episode 613: Shahar Binyamin on GraphQL Security

Shahar Binyamin, CEO and co-founder of Inigo, joins host Priyanka Raghavan to discuss GraphQL security. They begin with a look at the state of adoption of GraphQL and why it's so popular. From there, they consider why GraphQL security is important as...



episode 614: Wouter Groeneveld on Creative Problem Solving for Software Development

Wouter Groeneveld, author of The Creative Programmer and PhD researcher at KU Leuven, discusses his research related to programming education with host Jeremy Jung. Topics include evaluating projects, constraints, social debt in teams, common...



episode 612: Eyal Solomon on API Consumption Management

Eyal Solomon, CEO and co-founder of , joins SE Radio’s for a discussion on tooling for API consumption management. The episode starts by examining why API consumption management is an increasingly important topic, and how existing tooling on the...


 April 17, 2024  53m

episode 611: Ines Montani on Natural Language Processing

Ines Montani, co-founder and CEO of Explosion, speaks with host about solving problems using natural language processing (NLP). They cover generative vs predictive tasks, creating a pipeline and breaking down problems, labeling examples for training,...


 April 9, 2024  1h11m

episode 610: Phillip Carter on Observability for Large Language Models

Phillip Carter, Principal Product Manager at Honeycomb and open source software developer, talks with host about observability for large language models (LLMs). The episode explores similarities and differences for observability with LLMs versus more...


 April 3, 2024  1h5m

episode 603: Rishi Singh on Using GenAI for Test Code Generation

Rishi Singh, founder and CEO at, speaks with SE radio’s about using generative AI to help developers automate test code generation. They start by identifying key problems that developers are looking for in an automated test-generation...


 April 2, 2024  49m

episode 609: Hyrum Wright on Software Engineering at Google

Hyrum Wright, Senior Staff Engineer at Google, discusses the book he co-edited, “Software Engineering at Google,” with host . Wright describes the professional and technical best practices adopted by the software engineers at Google. The...


 March 28, 2024  56m