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The Somethin’ Like That with Nav podcast focuses on talents and artists from the Entertainment and Arts scene. So if you’ve ever wondered what some of your favourite bands, artists, musicians, actors, DJs and more have been up to, this could very well be it. Nav’s just a curious guy with heaps of questions when it comes to the entertainment and arts scene.

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Azmyl Yunor is no stranger to Somethin Like That with Nav and in this episode he celebrates with us the 10th anniversary of his album WILAYAH by releasing the music video for the track SOMETHING I WROTE. Join me as I find out more about this music video and what Azmyl has been up to lately.

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Julio , a man who knows how to Rock your socks off with his bass guitar along with his band Blister. In this episode , we’ll find out about the double life Julio lives by, something like Batman..Bruce Wayne by day and Batman by night but in his case it’s a lil different ( take a listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about). We’ll also find out what Blister has been up to and how has the band changed  since the pandemic?

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BIHZHU , a singer-songwriter who grew up on the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia who often describes her music as  “heart music” – songs that cross genres but come from the heart.

In this episode I’ve gotta chat with Bihzhu , a wonderful individual and we spoke about several things which includes her recent track CENDERING , previous music, tours , and more. For more visit

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If you have been waiting for his solo album, I’ve got some great news for you. Singer, SongWriter and producer CHRISTIAN THESEIRA is out with a debut solo self titled album and I say it’s about time. The best part is about this album is that it’s not your typical album where you could find on most streaming platform (even though u might still find some of the tracks there), it’s an NFT (non fungible token) album ...


 2022-05-19  38m


Keith Kamalaraj, a man who flows through the vibes of Rock n Roll and Blues with a dash of Seattle Grunge . He is a someone with a unique personality when it comes to his music, performance and the way he looks at music overall. What do I mean by that? Well , you'll find out more in this episode as we get to know Keith, his band and his music. For more visit


 2022-04-20  39m


WICKWEAKY is a Punk Rock Alternative band from Taiping who has been rockin the Indie scene since 2008. They've been out with several tracks which includes the EP Burn The Forest Down. Recently they've released their latest music video for the single THE LOOK . Join me as I chat with Saniy and Matin , 2 of the 5 member band and get to know more about the band, music and more. For more details visit


 2022-03-07  39m


Jay Ivanez strives to put the best elements of music back into it's rightful place. From the soul to the honest creativity. In this episode , we find out how it all started for Jay and what really goes on when he turns his thoughts into a song. Also in this episode we had the honor of playing his upcoming single The River which will be released in early 2022.

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 2021-12-20  1h3m


Maha Jeffery started off as a bedroom musician at the young age of 17… fast forward to the present day and he’s known for his electrifying showmanship coupled with powerful vocals. Cementing himself as the most distinguishable voice in the Malaysian music scene, Maha’s new offering ‘Daisy’ certainly lives up to expectations...


 2021-11-29  33m


SKIES ARE RED has finally released the much anticipated album tilted DAYS OF RETROGRADES PAST. This album took years in the making and they sure have a pretty good reason for it. Join us in this episode as we talk to the founders Dervin and Danielle about their journey in making the album and above it all the story behind each track . Be sure to check out their album on bandcamp and dont forget the copy of the digital album too. Details available at


 2021-10-23  55m

HEY JAY! - Jay Ridzwan & Syakir

HEY JAY! , the winner of the Indie Songwriting Awards & Rampage Music Awards (USA) for the Best Rock Song (Never End) is back on our podcast. Join us as we talk to Jay Ridzwan and Syakir about their experience of winning this awards and what's in store next for them for 2021. To watch and know more head to


 2021-09-28  55m