Something About the Beatles

Hosted by award-winning author Robert Rodriguez, Something About The Beatles is an intelligent but entertaining examination of The Beatles' music and career. Smart, funny and surprising - just like the Fab Four.

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221: Lennon in Montreal

In 1969, was Regional Managing Director with Capitol Records in Quebec when he received word that John and Yoko were coming. As label rep, it was his job to see to it that John's needs were met; ultimately this included securing recording gear...



220: Get Back to Peter Jackson

In June and again in July, the director of the upcoming The Beatles: Get Back series gave interviews - in  and in - holding forth on what to expect from his re-tooling of the Beatles Let It Be project. Though there was a certain amount...


 2021-08-02  1h32m

219: John - George - Eric & Layla

In late summer 2020, my guest Kyle Driscoll penned this wonderful analysis of the three 1970 releases by three artists whose paths had intertwined and who, as it happened, all found themselves at similar crossroads at the time. You can read it (which...


 2021-07-17  1h41m

218: Beatles on Guitar

You may recall my returning guest from his first appearance in late 2020: is an accomplished jazz guitarist and recording/performing artist, as well as a major Beatles fan. His series of popular videos deconstruct Beatle songs and show each guitar...


 2021-07-03  1h14m

217: It's All In The Mind

Back in 2018, I had a conversation with Dr. Robert Hieronimus  and Laura Cortner, authors of Inside the Yellow Submarine: The Making of the Beatles' Animated Classic - the definitive history of the 1968 film. But they are back with a sequel,...


 2021-06-25  1h39m

216: Dear Friend

There's been loads of speculation as to the exact nature of the friendship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney; during and after The Beatles. And when I say "loads," it runs the gamut from former bandmates who recalled each other fondly from a...


 2021-06-06  1h30m

215: Four Sides of a Square

In this discussion, Dr. Duncan Driver (, Fab4ConJam, One Sweet Dream podcast) springboard off of the title Paul McCartney quote, in which he asserted that each Beatle was as important as another to the group's success. We explore the...


 2021-05-04  1h59m

214: Beatle Production

In this episode, we examine the process of a song becoming a record, as heard through the ears of those in the producer's chair. Luther Russell, previous SATB guest and Fab4ConJam star, has operated as a composer, performer, collaborator, engineer and...


 2021-04-25  1h43m

213: John Lennon's 1980 Playlist

My guest Tim English (Sounds Like Teen Spirit, Popology) discuss his newest book, examining the artists that John was listening to in the last few years of his life and how certain artists and records influenced the recordings he (and Yoko) made...


 2021-03-31  1h24m

212: Countdown To Break-Up II

Back in , Dr. Duncan Driver (showcased 2+xs at ) and discussed his on the timeline to The Beatles break-up.  In this episode, returning guest Gary Wenstrup and I dissect the subject further: when exactly did The Beatles - or individual members...


 2021-03-12  1h44m