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David and his team provide a refreshing view on personal finance with a side of humor. Main topics include budgeting, finance tips, listener questions, debt management, home ownership, the economy, crypto, FIRE movement, and investing principles.  The show also shares offbeat current events and real-life experiences where David the producers crack jokes while also diving into financial literacy and success. This podcast finds the perfect balance between having a laugh and getting down to business.​David is a published author, a financial coach and accomplished corporate project manager in the IT field. His book I'm Not Flipping Burgers When I'm 70 explores personal finance for the novice to the intermediate person that includes a comprehensive budget plan from a blank grid to beefing up the 401(k) and into deeper investing and advanced personal finance methods.Website: Media

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#129 - The Future Transprancy of Sharing Salary Information for Equality

This week we discuss the future of sharing salaries for job postings that are becoming state laws to help equal pay initiatives. Social Media



#128 - How Do People Manage $1 Million in Retirement

We discuss how people with over $1 Million manage their retirement and lifestyle. We review four retirees from a recent Wall Street article. Social Media



#127 Should Goverment Positions Have Age Limits

Should congress have age and term limits? Is that discriminatory? There are brginning age limits to hold a position so why isn't that the case on when one cannot hold a position? Website: Social Media...



#126 - Joe Bidens Student Loan Decision - Who benefits and who doensn't?

This week we discuss the potential cost of $500 billion for student loan forgiveness put in place by Joe Biden. Is it fair? Who will benefit? Who got nothing? What does this mean for the future? Website:



#125 - The New NIL Rule - Is it Fair that College Athletes Get Paid?

This week we discuss the name, imagine and likeness (NIL) that allows college athletes to make money. In the past they were not allowed to prticpate in earning money on this front as they their tuition being fully paid served as a replacement to waive...



#124 - The 327 Square Foot Apartment Coming to Town Near You

This week we talk about the the future of tiny home apartments where the walls and fixtures move by way of robotics to create five different living spaces. Website: Social Media...


 2022-08-22  50m

#123 - Why People are Leaving California and the Virtual Proctology Exam

This week discuss the trend of people leaving California due to the Pandemic, The Great Resignation, Climate and Cost of Living Website: Social Media


 2022-08-15  54m

#122 - The Inflation Update: Are We Going into a Recession?

This week we give an update on rising inflation and when will there be relief. Website: Social Media


 2022-08-08  50m

PFT #90 - Personal Finance Tip of the Week: Ordering Supplies for Landscaping and General Contractor Jobs

According to in 2021, the average amount homeowners spent on home improvement was $10,341, which was up by 25% from 2020. This makes sense as people spent their cabin fever time improving their homes; and now that Covid is more...


 2022-08-04  2m

#121 - The $1.2 Billion Mega Million Winner. What Would Yoiu do With the Money?

What would you do with $1.2 billion? The Mega Millions just had its largest winner ever. Website: Social Media


 2022-08-01  46m