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episode 8: Knife Chase, Blood Money, Tom Waits [308]

Theatrical music to underscore incidental events, or aggressive reenforcement of violent imagery? Martin & Sam find themselves poised between interpretations for this instrumental, along with their thoughts on other cutlery-based songs.



episode 7: Another Man's Vine, Blood Money, Tom Waits [307]

Repetitions of phrase and imagery dominate this song of lust, violence and betrayal, as Miss Yankey completes her journey with Martin & Sam through Blood Money. We discover more abandonment and bitterness, as well as considering images of...



episode 6: God's Away on Business, Blood Money, Tom Waits [306]

It's still lyrics-first, sound-second, with Miss Yankey sharing her approach to music analysis with Sam & Martin. Waits gets straight back into the religious material with this 'masterpiece of bitterness', bridging spiritual, earthly, and cookie...



episode 5: All The World Is Green, Blood Money, Tom Waits [305]

Performance poet and writer Miss Yankey joins Martin and Sam to take a literary approach to Waits's lyrics in this song of love, lifeguarding and colour theory.



episode 4: Coney Island Baby, Blood Money, Tom Waits [304]

As Waits returns to sentimentality and Americana, Babs and Fran are less struck by the qualities of the song and more curious as to the reality of the woman he's singing about. There's discussion of music vs lyrics in the appreciation of the Manic...



episode 3: Everything Goes to Hell, Blood Money, Tom Waits [303]

Back with Martin & Sam, Bárbara and Fran find a little more danceability this week, albeit in a more cliched image of doomed relationships and gender roles. With some consideration of cabaret numbers and cowboys, we take a look at how Waits...


 2021-11-03  19m

episode 2: Misery is the River of the World, Blood Money, Tom Waits [302]

Fran James and Bárbara Mendes-Jorge of the Over/Underrated podcast join Sam & Martin to kick off season 20 with a song about the saddest body of water you can imagine (feedback pending). We compare to other wet songs from musical theatre, discuss...


 2021-10-27  21m

episode 1: Woyzeck background - Blood Money [301a]

Returning to deliver our GCSE Drama lecture for the season, Callum Hughes chats with Martin and Sam about the theatrical history of Woyzeck, some of the themes present in the play, and gives us a jumping off point for the Waits album to come.


 2021-10-20  29m

episode 17: The Alice Demos, Tom Waits [301]

Sam and Martin re-reconvene to dig into the Alice material that doesn't appear on the studio album. Great… because this show wasn't niche enough… We explore Waits's interpretation of Jabberwocky, his field-recording improvisations, the possible...


 2021-09-15  38m

episode 16: Fawn, Alice, Tom Waits [300]

Sam and Martin reconvene for their third centenary, concluding Alice with this delicate, pretty-yet-textured instrumental. We've got discussion of mythical creatures, we've got an unpacking of the value in novelty songs, and we've got a hard left-turn...


 2021-09-08  16m