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episode 16: Mockin' Bird, The Early Years vol 2, Tom Waits [244]

It's a bit of a downer this week, as Nick, Sam & Martin get together to talk about at least one hosts' least-favourite Tom Waits song so far. We have a discussion about the success and failure of simplicity in music, as well as some of the complex...



episode 15: Ol '55, The Early Years vol 2, Tom Waits [243]

Nick returns for a second week’s chat with Sam and Martin about classic cars (and their parking logistics), the evolution of Ol’ 55 (from Early Years to Closing Time to The Eagles), as well as the role of the car in rock and roll (as well as...



episode 14: Hope I Don't Fall in Love with You, The Early Years vol 2, Tom Waits [242]

For the first track from this second half of our 2-volume Early Years season, Martin and Sam are joined by Nick White from KCRW's Lost Notes to talk about this laid-back version of a Closing Time classic, including comparison to the early work of an...



episode 13: Bram Stoker's Dracula (film, dir. Coppola, 1992) [F12]

For the last episode of our 2020 film mini-season, we welcome back Helen Zaltzman and Jenny Owen Youngs (of The Allusionist, Buffering The Vampire Slayer, and Veronica Mars Investigates) for a somewhat contentious discussion of this vampire-staple...


 2020-06-03  37m

episode 19: Seven Psychopaths (film, dir. McDonagh, 2012) [F18]

For our second Stripped Media crossover, Martin & Sam are joined by Helen Sadler & Kobi Omenaka for the Song-by-Song-by-Flixwatcher podcast, and take a look at the (at time of recording) available-on-Netflix-film Seven Psychopaths. With as...


 2020-05-27  55m

episode 16: Wristcutters: A Love Story (film, dir. Dukić, 2006) [F16]

The first of our Stripped Media film crossovers finds Sam Clements & Louise Owen of the 90 Minute Or Less Film Festival joining regular SbS hosts Sam & Martin for the only Tom Waits film short enough for us to both discuss. With some mixed...


 2020-05-20  28m

episode 13: Short Cuts (film, dir. Altman, 1993) [F13]

Casual enthusiasts Martin & Sam are joined by a genuine expert, NYT film journalist Amy Nicholson, to take a look at Waits's contribution to a massive 3-hour epic over overlapping narratives, Robert Altman's Short Cuts. We debate depictions of...


 2020-05-13  56m

episode 13: So Long I'll See Ya, The Early Years Volume 1, Tom Waits [241]

A final episode for this first volume of demos sees Martin and Sam mulling the stylistic choices and tone Waits is aiming for, his choice of instrument going forward, and how the material on Early Years vol 1 strikes us nearly 5 decades years after...


 2020-04-29  23m

So Long, I'll See Ya, The Early Years Volume 1, Tom Waits [241]

A final episode for this first volume of demos se…


 2020-04-29  23m

episode 12: Looks Like I'm Up Shit Creek Again, The Early Years vol 1, Tom Waits [240]

Simplicity abounds, and seems to succeed - perhaps despite the title - as Jess, Martin and Sam dig into a sweet song with a crude punchline. The origins of the title's phrase, the sentiment of leaving as embodied in the country music tradition, and...


 2020-04-22  20m