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episode 2: Gatmo Sessions Episode 2 - Sideshow Seance & Thirsty? [279-285]

Our second Gatmo megamix features a selection of tracks from 2007's Sideshow Seance and 2012's Thirsty? (don't forget that question-mark now), with some more positive feelings from Martin and Sam, some musings on how 'seriously' these recordings are...



episode 1: Gatmo Sessions Episode 1 - Moanin' Parade & Swarm Warnings [272-278]

Martin and Sam convene for the first of two episodes listening to a set of improvised albums, recorded between 1992 and 2012. This week we're digging into a selection of 7 tracks from Moanin' Parade and Swarm Warnings, both released in 2000, with some...



episode 18: Big Face Money, Mule Variations, Tom Waits [271]

Sam and Martin return for a bonus episode and a bonus track, as Waits collaborates for the first time with his son on this short explosion of music from the special edition of Mule Variations. We also look back at our feelings on this fin de siècle...


 2021-03-10  19m

episode 17: Come On Up To The House, Mule Variations, Tom Waits [270]

We're a bit mixed on this final Mule Variations track, with Shelley questioning whether Waits completely captures the gospel sound and energy. We compare it with older revivalist music, talk about the earthly imagery in songs about the afterlife, and...


 2021-03-03  21m

episode 16: Take It With Me, Mule Variations, Tom Waits [269]

After a week away, Shelley Maxwell returns to celebrate this emotionally affecting track with Martin and Sam, one that seems to hit both the personal and the universal. We dig into the specifics of the lyrics, the memories linked to physical sensation...


 2021-02-24  23m

episode 15: Filipino Box Spring Hog, Mule Variations, Tom Waits [268]

Helen Rosner returns after a week away for one more episode with Song by Song. She brings her culinary expertise to the party, explaining for Martin & Sam (and the audience) some of the gastronomic details Waits is bringing in this...


 2021-02-17  26m

episode 14: Georgia Lee, Mule Variations, Tom Waits [267]

Shelley Maxwell joins Martin and Sam to discuss the haunting and brutal true story of Georgia Lee Moses, and Waits's description of circumstances surrounding her death.


 2021-02-10  19m

episode 13: Chocolate Jesus, Mule Variations, Tom Waits [266]

Is Waits talking about confectionary, Christianity or something else in this week's track? Helen Rosner returns to discuss her perspectives on all sides of the equation with Sam & Martin, along with communion wafer recipes, Brazilian religious...


 2021-02-03  19m

episode 12: Picture In A Frame, Mule Variations, Tom Waits [265]

Food writer and Tom Waits fan Helen Rosner joins Martin and Sam to curate her end-of-life mixtape, as well as interrogate the central message of this tender and minimal love song.


 2021-01-27  22m

episode 11: Eyeball Kid, Mule Variations, Tom Waits [264]

As Tom Waits explores his frustrations around the business of music/entertainment, Amrita shares some of her own experiences with Martin and Sam. We discuss the managerial perspective of the song, how that compares to Wait's own position in the...


 2021-01-20  21m