Song by Song

Song by Song is a podcast celebrating the music of Tom Waits, hosted by podcaster-musician Martin Zaltz Austwick and actor-musician Sam Pay. Sam and Martin set themselves the goal of listening to Tom Waits’s back catalogue from beginning to end, and devoting an episode to discussing each track. Song by Song is in no way officially linked to Tom Waits, or endorsed by Tom Waits, or associates. All excerpts are used for criticism purposes - please purchase your own copies of the music at your favourite shop, app, or platform to get the full experience and support musicians' work.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 18m. Bisher sind 354 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 4 days 21 hours 44 minutes


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episode 11: Midtown, Rain Dogs, Tom Waits [117]

Sam and Martin are joined by Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer of the podcast Criminal to discuss the challenges associated with improvisational Jazz music, the James Bond franchise and dream sequences, as they relate to the work of George Gershwin and...


 2018-01-10  18m

episode 12: 9th & Hennepin, Rain Dogs, Tom Waits [118]

The Rain Dogs Shuffle begins in earnest as Ross Sutherland joins Martin and Sam to discuss the poetic stylings of 9th & Hennepin. The spontaneity of performance in songs and poetry, as well as the nature of social interaction on public transport...


 2018-01-17  19m

episode 13: Gun Street Girl, Rain Dogs, Tom Waits [119]

Phoebe and Lauren return to discuss some more Criminal-related music this week, as Waits seems to further abandon the New York core of Rain Dogs for a more southern blues/chain gang feel, wandering into the world of the murder ballad. Song by Song is...


 2018-01-24  17m

episode 14: Union Square, Rain Dogs, Tom Waits [120]

Ross Sutherland of Imaginary Advice returns to shuffle his shoulders along to this latest direction-specific Waits track, discussing some more exotic elements of the subcultures of NY, the pace vs the momentum of songs, and Martin's endless yearning...


 2018-01-31  18m

episode 15: Blind Love, Rain Dogs, Tom Waits [121]

Our third set of rotating hosts, Robert and Heath Sledge, join Martin and Sam for another weird off-shoot of Rain Dogs, in the form of a little country number. Song by Song is Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay; two musicians listening to and...


 2018-02-07  17m

episode 16: Walking Spanish, Rain Dogs, Tom Waits [122]

For more Criminal activities, Lauren Spohrer and Phoebe Judge reunite with Martin and Sam for some prison-lingo dissection, attitudes towards vocal stylings and the archetypal biblical perp walk. Song by Song is Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay; two...


 2018-02-14  18m

episode 17: Downtown Train, Rain Dogs, Tom Waits [123]

A visit to the hit-factory this week as Waits produces one of his most commercial and accessible tracks to date, picked over and compared to the documentaries of the 1930s by Heath and Robert Sledge (plus the usual two goons). Song by Song is Martin...


 2018-02-21  18m

episode 18: Bride of Rain Dog, Rain Dogs, Tom Waits [124]

We're rounding the corner and heading into the final tracks of Rain Dogs, but Waits isn't done with us yet as he deploys another odd instrumental groove (or two) to remind us of the strange spine of this album. Song by Song is Martin Zaltz Austwick...


 2018-02-28  18m

episode 19: Anywhere I Lay My Head, Rain Dogs, Tom Waits [125]

For this final track of Rain Dogs, Sam and Martin regroup to look at the shape of this album as a whole, how this song relates to Waits's personal situation circa 1985, and pay tribute to one of his great collaborators. Song by Song is Martin Zaltz...


 2018-03-07  24m