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episode 20: Shore Leave, Big Time [film], Tom Waits [163]

Regular Big Time contributor Philippa Spanos returns for her third visit, laying out the physical space described by Waits in the next film-only version of Shore Leave. Back "in the studio", Sam and Martin talk about the scale and strength of Waits's...


 2018-11-12  6m

episode 21: Hang on St Christopher, Big Time [film], Tom Waits [164]

Back on the road with Tom Waits, Martin and Sam struggle with the sound effects breaking into the music, embrace the driving bass line in this live version and note how awful it is celebrating a birthday around actors.


 2018-11-14  5m

episode 22: Old Favourites, Big Time [film], Tom Waits [165]

Taking a deep cut into Tom Waits's back catalogue, Sam and Martin discuss his beautiful reworking of the songs we all knew and grew to love as children. C'mon.


 2018-11-16  3m

episode 23: Straight to the Top (Vegas), Big Time [film], Tom Waits [166]

Martin and Sam welcome back Gabriel Ebulue of The Three Track podcast to take another look at the horrific wedding-singer persona expressed in this version of Straight To The Top. With cameos from other figures from the Tom Waits Players and theories...


 2018-11-19  6m

episode 24: 9th & Hennepin, Big Time [film], Tom Waits [167]

Song by Song's roaming poet Ross Sutherland (of the Imaginary Advice podcast) returns to discuss the umbrella-based rooftop iteration of this terrifying dream poem. Looking at some of the logistical and emotional elements of the recording, we also...


 2018-11-21  9m

episode 25: I'll Take New York, Big Time [film], Tom Waits [168]

Gabriel Ebulue of The Three Track Podcast is back for more explorations into the crazed narrative of this film, as Waits's breakdown is mirrored by the breakdown of the world of the film.


 2018-11-26  6m

episode 26: More Than Rain, Big Time [film], Tom Waits [169]

Lily Sloane returns to give a more nuanced and informed assessment of Waits's repression of feelings, as we revisit the heartbreak, loss and loneliness of this song. With some discussion of his singing technique as well as the lyrical changes, we head...


 2018-11-28  6m

episode 27: Innocent When You Dream, Big Time [film], Tom Waits [170]

Jeremy Warmsley returns for everyone's favourite, Tom Waits In A Bath. With discussion of the fusion of embodied and distanced performance, the post-modern nature of telling a story about stolen memories, and the slightly repetitious nature of the...


 2018-12-03  5m

episode 28: Big Time (concert film, dir. Blum, 1988), Tom Waits [171/F07]

Having spent the last 28 episodes and 4 months looking at Big Time as a collection of songs, both on the album and in the concert film, Sam and Martin spend a little time thinking about both the film as an object in itself, and discuss the feel of...


 2018-12-05  14m