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Foreign Affairs Series Teaser [046a]

Welcome back to Song by Song - we're taking a couple of weeks out before starting our fifth season on Foreign Affairs to get some plans made, listen to some music, watch some films and argue about eggs. Do the same, and please rejoin us later in...


 2016-08-17  2m

episode 1: Cinny's Waltz, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits [047]

Welcome to the fifth season of Song by Song! Martin and Sam return to take a listen to Waits's 1977 album, beginning with the instrumental Cinny's Waltz. With discussion of the tone of this album, the cross-pollination of creative inspiration between...


 2016-08-24  14m

episode 2: Muriel, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits [048]

Dreaming of a(nother) girl who left him, Tom Waits returns to mournful yearning for the second track of Foreign Affairs. Martin and Sam continue discussing the possible influences on this song through the person of Edie Adams and Muriel cigars, as...


 2016-08-31  14m

episode 3: I Never Talk To Strangers, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits [049]

The regular duet of Sam and Martin explore one of the few vocal collaborations Waits includes on his studio albums, with this piano-bar seduction of (and by) Bette Midler. The verbatim nature of the lyrics, the locating nature of music, and...


 2016-09-07  14m

episode 4: Medley - Jack & Neal/California, Here I Come, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits [050]

Song by Song reaches its fiftieth episode as Waits returns to one of his greatest influences, the beat poets. With mixed feelings, Sam and Martin discuss extreme vocal styling (and its overuse) as a storytelling tool, the value (or lack thereof) of...


 2016-09-14  14m

episode 5: A Sight For Sore Eyes, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits [051]

With some disagreement and friction, Martin and Sam discuss some of the musical borrowings and stylistic repetitions in this track from Foreign Affairs. Debating cliche, originality and their place in pop music, as well as Mary Hopkins’s...


 2016-09-21  15m

episode 6: Potter's Field, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits [052]

Joined by Sam Clements and Simon Renshaw, Sam and Martin dive into the pomp and bluster of the orchestral stylings of Potter’s Field. With the musical and lyrical setting clearly placed in the world of noir, we examine this song and its explicit...


 2016-09-28  18m

episode 7: Burma-Shave, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits [053]

This week on Song by Song Martin, two Sams and a Simon head out onto the wide open roads of America to examine possibly one of the strongest songs on Foreign Affairs, with discussion of the origins of the Burma Shave advertising campaign, the...


 2016-10-05  18m

episode 8: Barber Shop, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits [054]

The four-part harmony-group of Martin, Simon and two Sams wanders in for a quick short back and sides as Tom Waits visits Mr Snip-Snip-Snip for this penultimate track of Foreign Affairs. The variety of this album, the beauty/technicality of...


 2016-10-12  16m

episode 9: Foreign Affair, Foreign Affairs, Tom Waits [055]

It's the conclusion of another album and another season, as Martin, Sam, Sam and Simon discuss the thematic oppositions between this final track and the themes and ethos of the rest of Foreign Affairs.


 2016-10-19  16m
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