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episode 10: Blue Valentines, Blue Valentine, Tom Waits [065]

Whether Waits is a hunter, being hunted, or simply avoiding a vengeful highway patrolman, Sam, Martin and Kit look into the heartbreak of both this track as well as the album as a whole.


 2017-01-18  16m

episode 11: Annie's Back in Town, Paradise Alley OST, Tom Waits [066]

Bonus episode #1 for season six sees us visiting Waits's first foray into film, with this track from the Paradise Alley soundtrack. Kit, Sam and Martin discuss his use/reuse of music, the image of women in his songs and the possibilities in their...


 2017-01-25  15m

episode 12: Rainbow Sleeves, Girl at Her Volcano, Rickie Lee Jones [067]

Putting a bow on Blue Valentine, Kit, Sam and Martin dip back into Waits-adjacent material to listen to Rickie Lee Jones singing a Waits song. With some nerdy (and possibly inaccurate and impenetrable) music chat and also some slightly weird...


 2017-02-01  17m