Sounds Profitable - Podcast Adtech & Advertising

The pace of change the podcast adtech industry is undergoing is staggering. The implications for podcasters, hosting providers, podcast listening app developers, and even advertisers and agencies are enormous. And so are the profits. Presented as a companion but stand-alone version of the weekly newsletter of the same name, each episode of Sounds Profitable will be a fluff-free experience for you. Along with industry experts, I'll help you understand how you can take advantage of podcast adtech to stay ahead of the curve and, well... make more money as more money from advertising pours into podcasting. That Sounds Profitable, right? Assumptions and conventional wisdom will be challenged. Easy answers with no proof of efficacy will be exposed. Because the thinking that got podcast advertising close to a billion dollars annually will need to be drastically overhauled to bring in the tens or hundreds of billions of dollars podcast advertising deserves. So join me, Bryan Barletta, as I bring to you Sounds Profitable, the podcast companion series. It's part of the PodNews network, and if you're not already reading my newsletter, then you should be.

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episode 13: Post-Roll is Bulls#!&

Getting people to listen all the way to the end of your podcast is already tough enough. How do you plan to entice them further when...


 2021-04-25  30m

episode 12: Targeting Demographics in Podcasting

Demographics in Podcasting get a bit murky sometimes. With digital households and the death of cookies, figuring out how we use...


 2021-04-18  25m

episode 11: Spotify is in it to Win it

Spotify, Podcasting, and what goes in your ears


 2021-04-11  27m

episode 1: Why is the Feed Different?

Join our private feed at Supercast for every episode we've ever made. It's totally free, and incredibly...


 2021-04-04  2m

episode 10: Does Your Podcast Track You (and is that bad)?

Blocklists, Tracking, and your privacy


 2021-04-04  34m

episode 9: Can American Podcasting Learn From France?

France, ACPM, and the IAB


 2021-03-28  30m

episode 8: The Future That's Being Ignored: IPv6 vs. IPv4

IPV6, JioPhone, and 120 million ignored listeners


 2021-03-21  24m

episode 7: The Hero We Need: Programmatic Advertising Saves the Day

Programmatic Advertising, Fear, and VAST


 2021-03-14  27m

episode 6: How You Should Be Protecting Your Brand, and How You're Doing it Wrong

Brand Safety, Informed Context, and Tone


 2021-03-07  29m

episode 5: Rotten to the Core: Do You Know Who's Listening to Your Podcast?

Apple Core Media, Misidentification, and Best Practices


 2021-02-28  25m