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Exploring the who, what, why and how of free culture, open source, and the Wikimedia Galaxy.

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Podlove: Taking Podcasts Into a New Era

Tim Pritlove on pushing for better tools made for and by podcasters and podcast listeners.


 2016-02-02  48m

Tactical Tech: Info Activism, From Berlin to the World

Exploring the work and issues surrounding The Tactical Technology Collective in Berlin.


 2016-01-13  47m

Playful Commons: A License to Play

You've heard of the CC license for software, hardware, and a growing number of applications. Today meet one of the people helping to bring that concept into the realm of play in everyday life.


 2015-12-16  48m

Free Knowledge and Game Design

The voices of game enthusiasts at this year's Free Knowledge Game Jam in Berlin.


 2015-11-23  43m

Building Tools for Refugees

How a vast network of Berlin based (and beyond) volunteers are developing tools to help newcomers in Germany and throughout Europe.


 2015-11-05  47m

Open Fashion and Meshcon

Today on the program: Mario Behling of Meshcon, Michael Gathogo of CladLight, Ariane Piper of Lebenskleidung, Avik & Nidhi of Digitally Speaking.


 2015-10-14  47m

Apps for Navigating Berlin

Today on the program we hear from Andreas Schildbach and Torsten Grote about their Berlin public transport apps.


 2015-09-29  31m

C-Base: 20 Years of Inspiring the World

Today on the program, C-Base crew members explain and celebrate their legendary Berlin hacker space as it turns 20.


 2015-09-12  42m

The Camp Edition

Voices from Chaos Communication Camp 2015.


 2015-08-28  48m

A Place for Open Medicine

Benjamin Diedrichsen of the OpenMediAid project.


 2015-08-11  37m