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New Frontiers for Teaching and Learning

Today on the program 3 Berlin based pioneers in the realm of creative education and the sharing of knowledge: Abe Pazos, Rachel Uwa, and Maria Reimer.


 2015-03-06  58m

Going Up the Down Escalator: Paul Adams on Moving to Berlin

In 2014 Paul Adams took the plunge that so many around the world have dared to take; he moved to Berlin. What inspired him? How easy was it? What did he or could we learn from his experience? Find out on today's program.


 2015-02-22  52m

Neukölln: Changing at the Speed of Life

Today on the program, 3 wise Neukölln observers: Caroline Marburger of, Christian Grasse of and Paul Hawkins of


 2015-02-06  53m

Sam Muirhead on Video, Clothing and Circular Economics

Today on the program, with the help of the very prolific Berlin based New Zealander Sam Muirhead, we get into the world of free and open source video, clothing, offices, economies.... and much more.


 2015-01-23  44m

Opening Up the Newsroom

Annabel Church on data journalism, technology, tools, hackers, and the journey that has taken her from New Zealand to Berlin.


 2015-01-09  46m

Databases, Javascript, and Society: Unlikely Heroes and Personal Convictions

At the close of another big year of developments as well as setbacks, we hear from the Vice President of CouchDB and developer at, for a real conversation about software, society, Berlin.. and more.


 2014-12-22  1h3m

Gender, Community and Identity in Open Source

Inspiring initiatives and dedicated voices on the issue of gender within the open source community.


 2014-12-03  1h2m

At Home in Silicon Allee: The Expat Experience

The stories of expat coders who chose to make their lives in Berlin.


 2014-11-13  41m

Creative Spaces Make Happy Faces: Collaborative Work in Berlin

If you want to understand how Berlin became Europe's Silicon Allee, then you have to get into the spaces and places that have helped make it so. Eclectic, creative, proactive, and accessible; forget what you think you know about working collaboratively.


 2014-10-24  56m

Beyond Poor and Sexy Berlin

The origins of creativity and open culture in Berlin. The long view of the places and the people who made this place what it is today in terms of startups, community based projects and sharing knowledge.


 2014-10-06  51m