Space Rocket History Podcast

The history of rocketry and space exploration.

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Space Rocket History #368 – Apollo 16 – Splashdown

On re-entry Casper hit the atmosphere at an altitude of about 400,000 feet above the earth and at a velocity of nearly 25,000 miles per hour. 



Space Rocket History #367 – Rendezvous, Docking, Ascent Stage Dump, Ken’s EVA and Lord of the Wedding Rings

The LM eventually crashed due to lunar gravity anomalies. Since Houston didn’t know exactly where it landed, it was not useful to calibrate seismic experiments on the surface. 


 2021-06-23  50m

Space Rocket History #366 – Apollo 16 – Moonwalk 3, Lunar Olympics & Lift-off From the Moon

It was the only time in their whole lunar stay that Charlie had a real moment of panic and thought he had killed himself.


 2021-06-09  46m

Space Rocket History #365 – Apollo 16 – Moonwalk 2 & 3 –“The Big Sneak”

The crew nicknamed this operation “The Big Sneak.” They figured the only way to do this was to approach from behind a big rock, then reach over and collect the sample.


 2021-05-26  46m

Space Rocket History #364 – Apollo 16 – Moonwalk 2 – Evidence of Water

John and Charlie also collected several rusty-looking rocks with brown stains on their surfaces. These were exciting finds because the rusty appearance suggested the presence of hydrated oxides of iron. “Hydrated” meant water and the scientists had a s...


 2021-05-12  46m

Space Rocket History #363 – Apollo 16 – Moonwalk 1 – Part 3 – Grand Prix

Flag Crater was so steep that if either one of them fell in, it would have been fatal! There was no rescue from the bottom of a big crater.


 2021-04-28  46m

Space Rocket History #362 – Apollo 16 – Moonwalk 1 – Part 2

Charlie and John were startled by their landing spot. Much of the landing area was covered with rocks or had a steep slope.  Fortunately, they had managed to land on the only level and smooth spot around.


 2021-04-14  47m

Space Rocket History #361 – Apollo 16 – Post Landing & Moonwalk 1

“There you are, our mysterious and unknown Descartes Highlands Plains. Apollo 16 is gonna change your image.” John Young


 2021-03-31  49m

Space Rocket History #360 – Apollo 16 – Lunar Landing

Due to the change in their flight plan caused by the six-hour delay, the crew had to reprogram a great deal of their onboard data, and this had to be done before they had LOS.  


 2021-03-16  48m

Space Rocket History #359 – Apollo 16 – Lunar Orbit & No Go for Landing – Big Reveal & Tang Ceremony

In the event of a secondary control system failure in the engine, the mission rules stated the entire landing phase of the mission would have to be terminated.  


 2021-03-03  53m