Space Rocket History

The history of rocketry and space exploration.



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      An Encore Presentation of Space Rocket History #188 – Apollo 10 – Command Module Pilot John Young

      John Young enjoyed the longest career of any astronaut thus far. Over the course of 42 years of active NASA service he made six space flights and is the only person to have piloted, and been commander of four different … Continue reading →



      Space Rocket History #239 – Apollo 12 – Commander Charles Conrad – Part 2

      Pete Conrad joined NASA as part of the second group of astronauts, known as the New Nine, on September 17, 1962. He was regarded as one of the best pilots in the group, and was among the first of his group … Continue reading →



      Space Rocket History #238 – Apollo 12 – Commander Charles Conrad – Part 1

      The third man to walk on the moon, Charles Conrad Jr. was born on June 2, 1930, in Philadelphia, to Charles and Frances Conrad. He was their third child and their first son.



      Space Rocket History #237 – Apollo 12 – Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean – The Artist

      After completing a four-year tour of duty, he attended the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. He trained under the direction of Pete Conrad, who would later become Commander of the Apollo 12 moon flight, and … Continue reading →



      Space Rocket History #236 – Apollo 12 – Command Module Pilot Richard “Dick” Gordon

      After graduating from the University of Washington, Gordon joined the US Navy, and after his first exposure to planes decided to become a pilot. Gordon said “Once I found what the airplane could do for me, or I could do … Continue reading →



      Space Rocket History #235 – Apollo 12 – Introduction

      At NASA Headquarters, George Mueller and other planners created a far-reaching plan that Administrator Paine made even more ambitious in adapting it for Nixon’s Space Task Group. The task group’s timetable called for a twelve-man space station and a reusable … Continue reading →



      Space Rocket History #234 – Soyuz 6, 7, and 8 – Part 2 -The Vulcan Device

      The Vulcan device consisted of two major units. The first unit included various welding devices and a turn-table with samples of metals to be welded. The second unit consisted of an electric power pack, a protective shield which covered the … Continue reading →



      Space Rocket History #233 – Soyuz 6, 7, and 8 with Shonin, Kubasov, Filipchenko, Volkov, Gorbatko, Shatalov, Yeliseyev – Part 1

      Finally, on April 25, 1969 during a meeting of the Soyuz State Commission, it was decided that the solo and docking flights outlined for 1969 by design bureau OKB-1 would be combined into a joint flight of three spacecraft.  The … Continue reading →



      Space Rocket History #232 – Apollo 11 – Final Duties & World Reaction Part 2

      The round-the-world tour began on September 29th and lasted until November 5th covering 28 cities in 25 countries in 38 days. The astronauts’ wives were allowed to go along on the trip, as well as a large staff.



      Space Rocket History #231 – Apollo 11 – Final Duties & World Reaction Part 1

      On August 10th, 1969 quarantine officially ended for the Apollo 11 crew, but that did not end the duties required for a flight of such magnitude. On August 12th, the Astronauts conducted a post flight press conference. They were greeted … Continue reading →