Space Rocket History

The history of rocketry and space exploration.



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      Space Rocket History #262 – Apollo 13 – Commander Jim Lovell

      Lovell completed four space flights and is one of only three men to travel to the Moon twice. Lovell accrued over 715 hours spent in space, and he saw a total of 269 sunrises from space on his Gemini and … Continue reading →



      Space Rocket History #261 – Apollo 13 – Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise

      At thirty-six, Haise was the youngest member of the crew of Apollo 13, and his black hair and angular features made him seem younger still.



      Space Rocket History #260 – Apollo 13 – Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert

      John Leonard Swigert Jr. aka Jack Swigert was born on August 30, 1931 in Denver, Colorado to parents John Leonard Sr. and Virginia Swigert.



      Space Rocket History #259 – Apollo 13 – Introduction – Part 2

      Just before the mission began things started to go wrong. The weekend before launch Charlie Duke, the backup lunar module pilot, came down with a case of German measles.



      Space Rocket History #258 – Apollo 13 – Introduction Part 1

      Targeted for touchdown on the third lunar landing was a place known as the Fra Mauro range, a stretch of rugged, Appalachian-type mounds 110 miles east of the Apollo 12 landing site.


       2018-06-13  33m

      Space Rocket History #257 – Apollo 12 – Return, Re-entry and Splashdown

      Ten days ago, their Saturn V rocket had blasted Bean and his crew mates out of earth’s gravitational pull. Now their home planet was pulling them back at more than 24,000 miles per hour, twelve times faster than a high-speed … Continue reading →


       2018-06-06  36m

      Space Rocket History #256 – Apollo 12 – Leaving the Moon

      Dick Gordon opened the tunnel to Intrepid, saw his companions floating in a dirty cloud of moon dust, and slammed the hatch closed. He called out, “You guys ain’t gonna mess up my nice clean spacecraft!”


       2018-05-30  32m

      Space Rocket History #255 – Apollo 12 – Lunar Liftoff

      After a total of 31.6 hours on the moon, the Lunar Module ascent stage fired for about 7 minutes placing Intrepid into an orbit of 10 miles by 54 miles.


       2018-05-23  35m

      An Encore Presentation of the Space Rocket History #122 – Apollo: Serious Problems with the Lunar Module and Grumman

      Toward the end of January 1967, it was revealed that Lunar Module 1 would not reach the Cape in February, as expected. This meant, the moon landing might be delayed because the lander was not ready. But the mission planners … Continue reading →


       2018-05-17  44m

      Space Rocket History #254 – Apollo 12 – Moonwalk 2 – Part 5 – Blocky Crater & Closeout

      Conrad and Bean now walked north, up Surveyor Crater’s 14 degree slope. Fatigue set in as Pete and Al walked up the crater wall. The hand tool carrier was nearly full of rocks now and Bean felt the full weight … Continue reading →


       2018-05-09  33m