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Weekly roundup — Dealing with death in times of COVID-19

With coronavirus deaths rising, it's important to ask: What is grief, exactly? What actually happens inside our brains, at the chemical level, when we mourn the loss of a loved one? Are there studies on grieving, and how to do it "better?" And if a pill existed that would let you skip this process, would you take it?



On grief, part II

Where does the pain come from when we lose people we love? Can it be reduced to chemicals in our brain? If so, are there ways to prevent it? Listen to our part two of our deep dive into the phenomenon of grief.



On grief - part I

It's one of the sickening questions often overlooked with regard to the coronavirus. How should we deal with the pain of losing loved ones right now? Listen to part one of our deep dive into the phenomenon of grief.



Weekly roundup — Testing, death rates & Belgium's COVID collapse

Is the rapid increase of confirmed positive cases of the coronavirus around the world due simply to more tests being done? A Belgian doctor says the nation's healthcare system is trembling on the precipice of collapse. And - is panic buying always bad?



No sides in science - until now

Science journals in the United States are endorsing Joe Biden for president. A line has been crossed by the current administration, the editors write. But isn't taking sides in journalism itself out of line?



Belgium's COVID-19 collapse 'will happen in 10 days'

The highest COVID-19 infection rate in the world right now is in the Belgian city of Liege. Doctors who have tested positive are being asked to continue working - because there is no other option. And the desperation is only going to get worse.


 2020-10-30  11m

Panic buying: 'Who are we to tell people how to behave?'

Toilet paper, noodles, disinfectant, wipes. As "Lockdown 2" gets underway here in Europe, people are hoarding an embarrassing amount of goods all over again. But what if, instead of condemning that behavior, we accept it for what it is: rational, allowable, and — at times — even good.


 2020-10-29  6m

Why is the autumn 'wave' rising so fast?

Yes, it's a bit cooler outside. But does that really explain why the COVID-19 numbers have gone up so high? And so quickly? And if it doesn't, what does?


 2020-10-28  6m

Weekly roundup — Europe, the COVID-19 surge & young adults

What, exactly, is behind the frightening surge in Europe's COVID-19 numbers? And are we blaming the wrong groups of people for it? Join us in the world's hottest coronavirus hotspot as we search for answers.


 2020-10-27  29m

Europe is the world's worst coronavirus hotspot

It's not even close. Across Europe, coronavirus infections and deaths are surging in a way that has left people living here in disbelief.


 2020-10-26  6m