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Spectrum: LIVE: ExoMars spacecraft goes in search of alien life on the Red Planet

Join us for a special edition of Spectrum as host Jessie Wingard presents live from the European Space Agency's mission control centre as ExoMars launches on its mission to the Red Planet in its quest to find alien life.


 2016-03-15  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: Seeing with sounds

We explore how people with little or no sight are using sound to see, then head to a cutting-edge university in Germany where vision impaired students are being given the opportunity to study science subjects. While in the Czech Republic, a unique map in Braille is helping blind and vision impaired people get around with ease. And, we feast our eyes on some innovative new eyewear!


 2016-03-08  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: A leafy love affair

We travel to the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, where landmines and soldiers aren’t the only thing people there have to worry about. A group of US scientists are thinking big when it comes to micro 3-D printing. And, a group of Australians are giving new meaning to the term ‘tree huggers’ – with a somewhat leafy love affair.


 2016-03-01  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: February 23, 2016

Coming up on this week's show: The digitalization of German classrooms + Europe has a new satellite up in space - and we're going to take you to where it was built + And German hospitals are under ransom attacks - cyber style.


 2016-02-23  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: February 16, 2016

On this week's show: the expert who could soon take home his own Nobel Prize - Why a limit on cash payments has Germans concerned about state surveillance - And what actually happens when you recycle your tech gadgets.


 2016-02-16  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: What do astronauts and some hospital patients have in common?

We delve into the realms of space to find out what astronauts and hospital patients have in common. A group of women in Kenya have come up with a novel idea to help Nairobi’s slums toilet crisis. And, we find out what all the fuss is about when it comes to gene editing human embryos.


 2016-02-09  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: Stories from space and software piracy

Unusual fine for software piracy - laser against sea lice - women in space - Digital Europe: space junk - love in a bottle


 2016-02-02  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: Tracking birds, whales and mob mentality

In this week's Spectrum, we analyze the psychology behind mob mentality in the wake of the Cologne attacks on women. We'll also hear about new technologies for tracking birds and right whales. Plus, a report on the Zika virus, from Brazil.


 2016-01-26  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: Outside the paradigm

Find out why researchers are failing to report the number of animals used in studies. Get down in the underground with French travel apps. And we remember the futurist, David Bowie.


 2016-01-19  29m

Spectrum: Spectrum: To infinity and beyond

Switzerland’s unique clock industry keeps ticking along, scientists turn to European citizens to help track air pollution, find out what to expect in the realms of space in 2016 and why is Apple jacking up the prices of iPads and iPhones in Germany?


 2016-01-12  29m