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episode 180: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007) W/ Nathan-Hobley Smith

Music maestro Nathan HOBLEY-Smith returns to defend a film as chock-full of talent and humour as he is! The spoofiest of all music biopics ever made #WalkHardTheDeweyCoxStory starring #JohnCReilly. Listen as he slowly convinces us that the RIGHT kid died! Join us as we discuss hilarious scenes based on real life, excellent song writing & full-frontal male nudity... #PrepareForPrattle

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episode 179: Top 5 Worst Fictional Medical Professionals W/ Maff

Derek Estoteric’s requested podcast is here! Our Top 5 Worst Fictional Medical Professionals! Listen to both Maff’s & my lists of various nefarious nurses & diabolical doctors who have taken an oath to DO harm! Join us as we discuss Lovecraftian hospitals, porno mags & Maff’s Dad? #PrepareForPrattle 

#DexterMorgan #Dexter #Ash #Alien #DougMurphy #Scrubs #AnnieWilkes #Misery #Mandy #12HourShift #DrJekyll #LeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen #MalpracticeMaff #ThemeHospital...



episode 178: Sorcerer (1977) W/ @IAmJACSMusings

R.I.P. William "Hurricane Billy" Friedkin. This was recorded prior to his death but serves as a fitting epitaph for his groundbreaking career...



episode 177: Disney Discussions: Underrated Live-Action Disney Films W/ Ria Carrogan, Megan Gritti & Mike Burton

It's my turn again to host our Disney Discussions podcast with Mike, Megan & Ria and I've picked Underrated Live-Action Disney Films featuring Holes, Freaky Friday (2003), Sky High and Bedknobs & Broomsticks! Join us as we discuss generational trauma, sidekicks & BRIGHTON!!!! #prepareforprattle

Watch our other Disney Discussions here on Youtube! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy_ca4KI17VAiiNgKETKBb9DjifwHKif8

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 2023-08-21  1h29m

episode 176: Lady Bird (2017) W/ Alyson Shelton & Ria Carrogan

It’s the perfect time for a FemmeOn Invasion! As Barbie crosses The $1 Billion mark at the box office this weekend, Alyson Shelton & Ria Carrogan are here to Crash Into You as we cover Greta Gerwig’s first film LadyBird! While I bring my own unique Kenergy to the proceedings. Join us as we discuss Saoirse Ronan’s powerful performance, my formative years & dongs getting released… #PrepareForPrattle 

Find all the feminist content you could possibly need here! https://www...


 2023-08-11  1h16m

episode 175: Escape From Sobibor (1987) V.S. Escape From Sobibor (2018) W/ Angry Andy & Super Dummy Paul

In the final instalment of #WWIIMonth we talk about its most horrifying aspect #TheHolocaust. #SuperDummyPaul has been conscripted by #AngryAndy to compare both film versions of #EscapeFromSobibor an incredible and harrowing true story...


 2023-07-28  2h17m

episode 174: Sara: An Original Graphic Novel (2018) W/ Angry Andy & Ria Carrogan

Revolutionary Ria Carrogan returns for #WWIIMonth after patiently lying in wait to take her shot at #TheSovietUnion & their Canine Comrades this week...


 2023-07-21  1h6m

episode 173: The Bridge (1959) W/ Angry Andy & Max Byrne

“The first casualty of war is innocence.” This week’s instalment of #WWIIMonth Angry Andy & I are joined by Max Byrne to discuss #BernhardWicki’s adaptation of #GregorDorfmeister’s novel #TheBridge1959. A story of 7 German boys conscripted into the insane Hitler’s #Volkssturm only to be confronted with the futility of the conflict. Join us as we discuss children being indoctrinated into heinous Nazi ideology, the #Venom symbiote & poor Sigi.....


 2023-07-14  1h25m

episode 172: Catch-22 (1970) W/ Angry Andy & Tony Farina

This podcast was recorded on the 31/05/23 prior to #AlanArkin's passing...


 2023-07-07  1h44m

episode 171: Visitor Q (2001) W/ Megan Gritti & Mike Burton

*WARNING! THIS PODCAST CONTAINS THE DISCUSSION OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE, INCEST, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & NECROPHILIA AMONG MANY OTHER TABOO SUBJECTS! In a collaboration with Mike & Megan of #GenuineChitChat, we attempt to bring order to #TakashiMiike's chaotic black comedy #VisitorQ as he attempts to teach us the importance of family in his own VERY unique way. Join us as we discuss #Brickgate, vaginal PH levels & #CannibalHolocaust.....


 2023-06-23  1h19m