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episode 160: Grizzly (1976) V.S. Prophecy (1979) W/ Maff

Happy #LGBTPlusHistoryMonth and today we're talking bears but not those kind of bears! While #CocaineBear approaches cinemas for some more Yayo! Maff is here to BEAR all on these two other #KillerBear Movies #Grizzly1976 & #Prophecy1979 as we compare them in the first #CloneBores of 2023! Join us as we discuss Park Rangers not doing their job, giant tad poles & whether Vietnam Veterans are gifted heavy ordnance after they finish their tour? #PrepareForPrattle

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 2023-02-03  2h11m

episode 159: Dead Silence (2007) W/ Attention Seeking Geek Ben Crampton

You’re getting anything but #DeadSilence as Ben Crampton the #AttentionSeekingGeek returns to the podcast! But am I the real dummy for having him back on? To celebrate the release of his other creepy doll movie #M3GAN we take a look back at #JamesWan’s second attempt at making a puppet called Billy into a horror icon! (Not to be confused with the one from #Saw.) Join us as we discuss #JasonStackhouse, the trappings of mid-2000s horror and my sister makes her voice heard.....


 2023-01-20  1h13m

episode 158: Cannibal Holocaust (1980) W/ Dennis Whittle

WARNING! THIS PODCAST CONTAINS THE DISCUSSION OF ANIMAL CRUELTY & SEXUAL VIOLENCE. We start 2023 with a film that is said to be one of the most controversial ever made #RuggeroDeodato’s #CannibalHolocaust! Dennis returns to share his fascination with this originator of the #FoundFootage genre & how it became one of the first #VideoNasties here in the UK. I've brought back an old format #BackstagePast to dig deeper into this nightmarish production...


 2023-01-06  1h26m

episode 157: Jaws: The Revenge (1987) W/ Dennis Whittle

The last #AlterNativityStories podcast of the year is the last film of a prestigious franchise #JawsTheRevenge. A film that shows us the depths that #UniversalPictures will sink to, to make a quick buck...


 2022-12-23  1h21m

episode 156: Batman Returns (1992) W/ Tonya Todd & Angry Andy Reviews

"This is just the PODCAST you’ve been looking for!” The Dynamic Duo of the femme feline #TonyaTodd & “the missing link between man & bird” #AngryAndyReviews team-up to “bring joy to the masses and “fill the #AlterNativityStories void”...


 2022-12-16  1h39m

episode 155: Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) W/ Max Byrne

The Young Max Byrne returns to defend cult classic #YoungSherlockHolmes this #AlterNativityStories. Did this #AmblinEntertainment film flop harder than a deerstalker hat? Or was it all a hallucination my dear #DoctorWatson? Max is here to unravel that very mystery and explain how elementary it all is. Join us as we discuss #SherlockHolmesInThe22ndCentury, fat shaming and googly eyes #PrepareForPrattle

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 2022-12-09  1h25m

episode 154: Klaus: How Santa Claus Began (2016)

#AlterNativityStories 2022 begins here! With the beginnings of #SantaClaus himself, as told by #GrantMorrison & #DanMora in #KlausHowSantaClausBegan. In this year one tale from #BoomStudios, we learn the Nordic inspired origins of this #Yuletide Spirit. Join me as I discuss white wolves, #HughJackman & child-eating monsters... #PrepareForPrattle

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 2022-12-02  32m

episode 153: The Fly: Outbreak

Megan & Mike don’t get to trash talk #TheFlyII while I’m around! The buzz is back and so am I!! Join me as I take a bug-eyed look at the comic book continuation of the #Cronenbergian body horror that has infected The #Brundle family in #TheFlyOutbreak. Listen as I talk vibrators, poor doggies and poetic justice for the film's villain… #PrepareForPrattle

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 2022-11-28  40m

episode 152: Unlawful Entry (1992) V.S. Lakeview Terrace (2008) W/ Dennis Whittle

Calling all listeners, calling all listeners! There’s an APB out on everyone’s favourite corrupt individual Dennis Whittle as he attempts to make an #UnlawfulEntry into #LakeviewTerrace...


 2022-11-11  1h40m

episode 151: Terrifier (2016) W/ Dan Burgess

Sadly Georgina Hanmer is unwell and can’t join us but the legend that is Dan Burgess saves the day yet again! As we discuss the monochromatic madness that is #ArtTheClown played by #DavidHowardThornton in #DamienLeone’s #Terrifier Join us as we talk dirty protests, Art being the next horror icon & for the second time this month were talking about bin bags… #PrepareForPrattle

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 2022-10-28  1h32m