Spill the Wine

This is the home of my podcast, Spill The Wine. Listen to my conversations with people. Hopefully meaningful conversations with interesting people. Well, they interest me. I certainly hope they will interest you as well. Welcome!




episode 9: Episode # 009 Janet Billig-Rich

keeping it female!!


 2018-05-27  1h10m

episode 8: Episode #008 Isabelle Legeron

It's all about natural wine!


 2018-05-12  57m

episode 7: Erika M. Anderson

also known as EMA


 2018-04-15  1h1m

Episode #006 Krist Novoselic

The ex Nirvana bass player talks about turning into a high profile political activist!


 2018-03-04  55m

Episode #005 Joe Sacco

Spotlight on the genius that is Joe Sacco!


 2018-02-18  1h7m

Episode #004 Ryan Lott

(of Son Lux)


 2018-02-04  1h4m

Episode #003 Jonathan Taplin

Author of the great book "Move Fast And Break Things - How Facebook, Google, and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy"


 2018-01-29  41m

Episode #002 Mary Mancini

I first met Mary Mancini because she is married to Kurt Wagner of the band Lambchop. I have known both of them since the mid Nineties. When we first met she ran a punk rock record store and all ages venue. Something for the kids. Now she runs the Democratic Party of Tennessee. Let's find out what the difference is.


 2018-01-28  1h10m

Episode #001 John Niven

John Niven is the Scottish novelist most famous for his book "Kill Your Friends" about an obnoxious character in the British music industry of the Nineties... Here we talk about his background, his many other books, screenwriting for Hollywood and Putin.


 2018-01-28  56m