A boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and folklore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.


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311: Your Urban Legends LXXII - Cheetos as a Supernatural Explanation

What was that noise? Just the pipes, right? WRONG! We talk about cleaning up paranormal messes, clearing up a haunting by flushing a toilet, and of course, the supernatural explanation: Cheetos.   Content Warning: This episode contains...



310: The Tooth Fairy

You checked under your pillow, and what’s that? A new Spirits episode? And it’s all about the Tooth Fairy?! We dig into the origins of this tradition, animals who collect teeth, and the ways we celebrate children’s milestones.   ...



309: The Monkey King and Boy Giant (with Van Hoang)

We’re joined by author Van Hoang, who teaches us the story of the Monkey King, how Journey to the West MIGHT have been a romance novel, and how going through puberty turns every kid into a trickster spirit.    Content Warning: This episode...



308: Best Horror Movie Villain

Halloween might be over but we’re STILL thinking about our favorite horror movies and the best villains from those movies. Join Julia and Eric as they determine via this wild bracket who the best horror movie villain is!   Content Warning: This...



307: Your Urban Legends LXX - Logical Answers

It’s what you’ve been waiting for. We’re finally going to solve ghosts. Answers like coffee ghosts, teenage shenanigans, and devious child lies.    Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or mentions of misogyny,...


 2022-10-26  57m

306: Your Urban Legends LXX - Haunted Sewing Machine Theories

Parental confirmations of ghosts, theories about a haunted sewing machine, and Schrodinger’s wedding guest? This episode has a lot, because it’s an urban legends episode, baby!   Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or...


 2022-10-19  54m

305: Your Urban Legends LXIX - The Secret Doctor Who Episode

Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? Was he a creepy shadow hanging out in the corner? Even if you didn’t, we’ve got plenty of scary stories submitted by our listeners for this urban legends episode!   Content Warning: This episode...


 2022-10-12  54m

304: Your Urban Legends LXVIII - Haunted Hotels

There’s something that’s just spooky about a hotel, haunted or not. But these hotels? They’re definitely haunted. But don’t worry, y’all, we’re not entering our haunting phase just yet.    Content Warning: This episode contains...


 2022-10-05  54m

303: Dragons, Revisited

We’ve got a lot of dragons in pop culture; funny dragons, scary dragons, wise dragons, vicious dragons. But who is the BEST dragon? Amanda and Julia are doing another bracket to figure it out!   Content Warning: This episode contains...


 2022-09-28  1h0m

302: Haunted Childhood Homes (with Mara Wilson)

We’re joined by Mara Wilson, who regales us with her experiences growing up in a haunted house, living the “gothic valley” life, and what would be scarier to meet: a ghost or an alien?   Content Warning: This episode contains conversations...


 2022-09-21  59m