A boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and folklore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.


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Who’s the Best Harry Potter Trio Member? (Head Heart Gut Preview)

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163: SEXY (and Spooky) URBAN LEGENDS XXX

First it’s spooky. Then it’s sexy. That’s right, it’s our THIRTIETH Your Urban Legends special! Hear all about menacing cows, ghost crushes, and a very VERY sexy Mothman. This week, Julia recommends . Content Warning: This episode contains...



162: Mythology of Pokémon Sword & Shield

The internet’s newest favorite Pokémon game has real-life mythological origins, from its towns and cities to the wild new Pokémon making their debut in Sword & Shield. Join us to learn about new horrifying fossil animal mashups, Viking forest...



161: Monster of the Week (with Emily VanDerWerff)

Vampires, werewolves, and aliens, oh my! We’re joined this week by the incomparable Emily VanDerWerff to talk about her book, the Monster of the Week genre, and the horror genre. We discover Emily’s love for A Christmas Carol, Emily breaks a...



160: Myth Movie Night - Spirit of Christmas

Did we use a cheesy Christmas movie as an excuse to talk about ghost stories and haunted houses during Christmas time? We sure did. Amanda and Julia both brought the research this episode, talking about the tradition of telling ghost stories around...



159: Your Urban Legends XXIX - The Bathroom is a Ghost

Does your college campus scare you? After these urban legends, it just might. From a scene straight out of Poltergeist (1982) to a university with SEVERAL haunted bathrooms, we think it might be time to consider whether your campus ghosts should be...



158: Trick or Treat? (Live from WBUR CitySpace)

After years of doing Spirits, Julia is once again putting Amanda to the test to see what she’s learned. This time, Amanda must decide whether a mythological story ends in a Trick or a Treat with the help of our Witches Three: Eric Silver, Mike...


 2019-12-11  42m

157: Ask Baba Yaga (with Taisia Kitaiskaia)

Have you ever wanted to ask your local forest witch a question? Enter “Ask Baba Yaga” and Taisia Kitaiskaia. We talk with the wonderful author about her process of channeling the Slavic folklore character, how she grew up with the story, AND one...


 2019-12-04  41m

156: Myth Movie Night - Song of the Sea

We’re revamping our Myth Movie Nights by revisiting a Spirits favorite - selkies! We’re doing a deep dive (get it?) into the Celtic stories of ‘Song of the Sea,’ featuring: summer stones, storm hags, where a selkie coat comes from, and being...


 2019-11-27  47m

155: Your Urban Legends XXVIII - Stay Ignorant!

This episode became a debate over an important topic: do you ignore the ghosts or confront them? In this accidental case study we discuss the problem with mirrored closets, spooky home renovations, Shorts Ghosts, and the decision to just… go to...


 2019-11-20  1h0m