A boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and folklore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.


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202: 50 Scariest Urban Legends from Each State

Your state might be spookier than you thought. For Halloween, we’re rounding up the scariest urban legends from all 50 states! Listen to find out what state is haunted by a horse, which is haunted by a pickup truck, and which is most likely the plot...



201: Egyptology (with Dr. Colleen Darnell)

We have Egypt on the brain, so naturally we had to chat with Egyptologist Dr. Colleen Darnell. She talks hieroglyphs, the netherworld books, vintage fashion, and why archaeology isn’t how Indiana Jones makes it seem.  Content Warning: This...



Urban Legends + Q&A Spectacular!

200 episodes. Wow. We answer your questions, follow up on past episodes, and rate the sexiness of several mythological and folklore beings. Thank you. We couldn’t have done this without you.  Here’s a few of our favorite Orisha dance videos...



199: Your Urban Legends XXXIX

Fair warning: This is a butt-heavy episode. Also featuring frequent haunted sleepovers, a wild scooter ride, and why Bluetooth technology is suddenly very cool to us. We also get VERY confused about Kevin Bacon.  Content Warning: This episode...



198: The Western Zodiac

After making too many jokes about Virgo season, Julia is making it up to Amanda by giving her a tour of the Western Zodiac! We still know too much about Zeus’s love life, but we would buy from Castor & Pollux’s new clothing line if they...


 2020-09-16  46m

197: Music and Ghosts (with Erica Waters)

Do you hear some otherworldly banjo music coming from the pines? Don’t worry, we’ve brought on author Erica Waters to guide us through her new book, the ghosts of her childhood, and murder ballads. Also humidity? Just ghosts.  Content...


 2020-09-09  38m

196: Scooby-Doo! and the Loch Ness Monster (Myth Movie Night)

Who would have guessed that Scooby Doo would have us go deeper than Loch Ness itself? Was the Loch Ness Monster just a marketing scheme? And what, exactly, is the definition of cryptid? We’re gonna answer these questions, without terrible Scottish...


 2020-09-02  50m

195: Your Urban Legends XXXVIII - The Backwoods Cabin Door Turner

Is your house really energy efficient, or do you have ghosts? What genre do singing sands rock out to? Has this whole podcast been a conspiracy to get Amanda to admit she’s guilty of breaking and entering? Your Urban Legends reveal a lot. ...


 2020-08-26  47m

194: Sailor Superstitions

Avast! What’s that on the horizon? Unlucky bananas, gold hoop earrings, and sons of guns; it must be sailor superstitions! Trim the sails and come on this voyage with us as we suss out the origins of legends taught to every sailor.  Content...


 2020-08-19  36m

193: Norse Cosmology (with Moiya McTier)

Science and folklore make a wonderful shot and chaser for our guest, Moiya McTier, who is here to regale us with facts about space as she maps the lands of Norse mythology onto our solar system.  Link to .  Content Warning: This episode...


 2020-08-12  49m