A boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and folklore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.


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254: Mermaids, Magic, and Murder (with Maggie Tokuda-Hall)

This week, author Maggie Tokuda-Hall joins us to talk about all things murder and magic. From the exploration of gender, to werewolves as a metaphor for trauma, and everything in between, this interview has it all!    Content Warning: This...



253: Apollo

We’re back visiting the Olympian gods and this time it’s finance bro Apollo. We talk about all the women (and men!) Apollo has wronged, and of course, celebrate SoupFest 2021. You’re welcome, Apollo.    Content Warning: This episode...



252: Your Urban Legends LV - Messy Chicken Bone Eater

We’re going on a haunted date through the forest. Because you don’t really know your partner until you see how polite they are to a terrifying German bone man. But bonus points if they’re ghost hunting grandmas.    Content Warning:...



251: Advice from Folklore V (with Dr. Moiya McTier)

Hold on a second, we’re channeling the gods to answer your questions about creativity, religion, bachelorette parties, body image and more. Don’t worry, your cool wine Aunt Inanna is here to help.   Content Warning: This episode contains...



250: The Magic of Home (with Sarah Hollowell)

There’s something magical about the magic of home, and Sarah Hollowell wrote a whole book about it. We talk about spending time in the elementary school forest, being raised nerdy, and writing books for your high school self.    Content...



249: Artemis

Introducing our newest segment: It’s All Greek to Me - Finally Fulfilling the Promise of Spirits Podcast, by Spirits Podcast. And of course we’re starting off with Julia’s favorite goddess from when she first picked up Edith Hamilton’s...


 2021-09-15  51m

248: Your Urban Legends LIV - Do You Want to Be a Pickle Man?!

Children in dangerous situations, children being scared by pickles, the kids are creepy but alright! The new urban legends episode features many holes, and NONE of them are good.    Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about...


 2021-09-08  48m

247: The Green Knight (Myth Movie Night)

It’s movie night and we’ve watched the stunning film, The Green Knight. We talk classic fairy tale tropes, Arthurian canon, Latin funeral hymns, letting Dev Patel sleep, and what exactly the problems with chivalry are.    Content...


 2021-09-01  49m

246: Feminism, Judaism, and Fairy Tales (with Veronica Schanoes)

We’re joined by author and professor Veronica Schanoes, who leads us through a forest of  the feminism of Alice in Wonderland, taking moralizing out of the fairy tales, and tackling forgiveness.    , on Electric Literature. ...


 2021-08-25  51m

245: Dreams

Lay your head down, close your eyes, and drift off to dreamland as we talk about the mythological stories and figures that inhabit your dreams! Also, dream interpretation via...puns?   More information from .    Content Warning: This...


 2021-08-18  39m