Spoiled Again

Over analyzing terrible movies in podcast form can be soul-crushing work, so we've thrown not-so-terrible movies into the mix for a double feature discussion on the highs and lows of cinema that just might give you whiplash.




episode 1: SA401: Back to Campus

Season 4 kicks off as Louis and substitute co-host Andy, matriculate and debate with guests Adam Zopfi-Hulse and Robyn Stevens (both from The Issue At Hand), as they compare Rodney Dangerfield's "Back to School" from 1986, and Melissa McCarthy's "Life...


 2019-01-16  1h18m

episode 2: Anvilicous: Rambo Freedom Force (Patreon Gift Bag B)

Get a taste of what's available on LongBall's Patreon page. This is "Patreon Gift Bag B" and it contains: Anvilicous: Rambo Freedom Force featuring Mitch, Rose, Tom, and Jon discussing the very special episode "Just Say No" of the ill-advised Rambo...


 2019-01-03  1h6m

episode 13: SA313: Hostage For the Holidays

Hosts Louis and Ed say "Not-so-Merry Christmas" to returning guest Liza Jolley (Throwback to School), as they discuss 1994's The Ref, and 2004's Surviving Christmas, two movies about having some very unwelcome guests over for the Christmas...


 2018-12-20  1h24m

episode 12: SA312: Road Trip Disasters

Hosts Louis and Ed hit the road with frequent guests Andy Zillig and Kalen Knowles, talking road trips from hell and watching 1987's Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and 2008's College Road Trip, and characters having breakdowns, emotionally, on the...


 2018-11-07  1h28m

episode 11: S03E11: Welcome to the Afterdeath

Hosts Louis and Ed welcome returning guests Andy Zillig and new guest Liza Jolley (Throwback to School) for some visually inventive films, 1988's "Beetlejuice" and 2001's "Monkeybone" as we take in the afterlives of dead characters, and the haunting...


 2018-10-05  1h25m

episode 10: S03E10: Futuresport

Hosts Louis and Ed discuss the future of sports with Andy Zillig and Kalen Knowles, such as 2011’s "Real Steel" and 2003's "Rollerball," a remake of the 1975 classic. Will our interest in the future offset our general lack of interest in sports?...


 2018-09-05  1h55m

episode 9: 309: Martial Arts Confidential

Hosts Louis and Ed welcome back former host Adrian Eng, along with guest Maya Nakashima, and LongBall superstar, Jon Jolley, to talk about 1973's "Enter the Dragon" and 1985's "Gymkata", both featuring martial artists working as secret agent, tested...


 2018-08-01  1h32m

episode 8: 0308: A Shaggy Dog Podcast

Hosts Louis and Ed welcome Adam Zopfi-Hulse (9021ONYD!) to the show to talk about the 1956 classic "The Shaggy Dog," and the 2016 cat-astrophe "Nine Lives," both of which feature people becoming household pets against their will and that use their...


 2018-07-04  1h23m

episode 7: Mockbusters II: The Fall of the Fallen

Hosts Ed and Louis welcome back Maya Nakashima for a return for some Mockbusters We watch two 2007 movies: the Michael Bay blockbuster "Transformers" and straight-to-video mockbuster "Transmorphers," to see how hard it is to confuse two movies at...


 2018-06-13  1h39m

episode 6: From Dumb to Dumberer

Louis & Ed are joined by fellow LongBaller, Kalen Knowles, as they continue to explore the strange phenomenon of Jim Carrey's 1994 blockbusters getting sequels, AND prequels, that are sans Jim Carrey. This time it's 1994's "Dumb and Dumber" and...


 2018-05-30  1h26m