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Mac and Katherine review movies, books, games and shows, with lots and lots of spoilers. If you like to talk about the movies and shows you're watching, but don't have anyone to do that with RIGHT NOW - listen to us. We'll talk it out for you.


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Mac & Kat take on this grown-up, heady, sci-fi picture. We liked it even though we see several problems and disagree about some of the things its trying to say.


 2016-12-12  30m

Exorcist Episodes 7 & 8

Father Bennet turns out to be quite the scrapper while Mother Bernidet and Fathers Marcus & Thomas lay the smackdown on Captain Howdy... or do they?


 2016-11-29  30m

Exorcist Episodes 5 & 6

Exorcist Episodes 5 & 6 Casey’s possession is linked to the past as Angela’s true identity is reviewed. Fr Thomas falls from grace, Fr Marcus gets his mojo back and finds Casey as the Friars of Ascension reveal themselves.   Send us some...


 2016-11-27  24m

The Exorcist 3 & 4

We pick apart episodes 3 & 4 of the Fox series, The Exorcist... and talk trash about Martha & her coffee making. Our other show: Catholic in a Small Town 


 2016-10-27  32m

The Exorcist Episodes 1 & 2

We spew spoilers all over you guys... and that funny voice you keep hearing is just Mac.


 2016-10-14  29m

Fall TV Round-Up 2016

In an uncharacteristically spoiler-free way, we run down our favorite and not so favorite shows from the new fall line-up.    Fox —The Exorcist —Lethal Weapon —Son of Zorn   ABC —Designated Survivor —Notorious —Speechless...


 2016-10-08  53m

Stranger Things Ep 5-8

We finally finished this big, great homage to the 80's. See if we were satisfied with how it all turned out.


 2016-08-23  41m

Stranger Things: Episodes 3 & 4

Finally some stuff with the Rooskies, more glimpses of the monster, and Mike goes a flyin'!


 2016-08-18  32m

Stranger Things: Episodes 1 & 2

We start watching the love letter to the supernatural bicycle-laden adventures of the 80's in all their Spielbergian/Stephen King glory.


 2016-08-12  24m

Jason Bourne

We get "rebourne" as Matt Damon returns as the titular ex CIA asset. Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander round out the cast in the fifth installment of this franchise. 


 2016-08-11  28m