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The Spoken Garden podcast is here to help you become a better gardener right now. No matter what level of gardener you are, Sean and Allison, are here to help you build your garden care knowledge and skills! By listening to our fast DIY Garden Minute episodes and our longer podcast episodes, learn how to grow and care for your plants and flowers.


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episode 217: 3 Tips to Winterize Your Rain Barrels - DIY Garden Minute

Learn these three tips to winterize your rain barrels.



episode 216: 3 More Fall Pruning Situations In Your Garden - DIY Garden Minute

Learn 3 more fall pruning tips!


 2021-11-03  1m

episode 215: 3 Ways to Overwinter Your Potted Mums - DIY Garden Minute

Learn how to keep your potted mums coming back year after year!


 2021-10-26  1m

episode 214: How to Divide Daffodil Bulbs - DIY Garden Minute

Learn how to divide your daffodil bulbs!


 2021-10-20  1m

episode 213: How to Divide Grape Hyacinth Bulbs - DIY Garden Minute

Learn how to divide your clusters of Grape Hyacinth Bulbs!


 2021-10-12  1m

episode 212: 3 Fall Mulching Tips You Need to Know - DIY Garden Minute

Use there 3 tips when mulching around your garden this Fall!


 2021-10-07  1m

episode 211: 3 Tips to Properly Plant Perennials This Fall - DIY Garden Minute

Learn these 3 tips so your plants will start to thrive right after you plant them!


 2021-09-13  1m

episode 65535: Fall Bulb Ideas, Planning, & Inspo from 9-4-2021 YouTube LIVE

Learn about fall bulbs available right now and get ideas to plan for your garden!


 2021-09-08  1h35m

episode 65535: How to Support Pollinators into Fall and Winter - Saturday Morning LIVE - 8-28-2021

Listen to learn how you can help support your local and migratory pollinators in your garden during the Fall and Winter!


 2021-09-03  1h6m

episode 210: 5 Essential Fall Tasks to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Vibrant DIY Garden Minute

Listen to hear 5 Fall tasks you can do to keep your garden looking amazing!


 2021-08-31  1m