DIY Garden Minute by Spoken Garden

The DIY Garden Minute by Spoken Garden is a quick podcast to help you become a better gardener right now. No matter what level of gardener you are, we are here to help you build your garden care knowledge and skills fast! Sean is part of the dynamic-duo of Spoken Garden, with his wife Allison McManus. Together they create garden content for beginner and advanced gardeners everywhere to help them become better gardeners. Learn more about them and their journey at

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episode 259: ????7 Great Garden Gifts for 2023 - DIY Garden Minute Ep259????

On today's episode, we tell you about 7 great garden gifts for any level of gardener. Hear which gifts we highlight and describe, AND which will fit the needs of your garden or that gardener you need to buy for this holiday season. See the garden gift...


 December 7, 2023  4m

episode 258: ????5 Steps to Store Dahlia Bulbs For Winter ???? - DIY Garden Minute

On today's episode, Sean tells you the steps to store your dahlia bulbs and other bulbs over this winter. Listen to hear these 5 easy and proven steps to safely store your bulbs this winter. Want more bulb tips? Pick through and !???????? Click this...


 November 16, 2023  4m

episode 257: 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Transplanting Plants Any Time of Year - DIY Garden Minute

On today's episode, hear three different transplanting mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them. Visit our YouTube channel for more fall gardening and transplanting tips by ! Also, if you want to sow your vegetable and flower seeds at the right...


 October 30, 2023  2m

episode 256: Why Fall Planting of Perennials is a Great Idea - DIY Garden Minute

On todays episode, Sean tells you why Fall is a great time to plant perennials into your garden. Listen to hear there 4 different reasons to understand better why you should consider planting perennials this fall and hear examples of perennials to...


 October 24, 2023  2m

episode 255: 4 Perennials That Can Flower in Fall and Spring - DIY Garden Minute

On this episode, it's all about double-duty flowering! These 4 perennials can flower in both the fall and spring for you. It's about finding that sweet-spot of growing conditions AND if any of these plants will grow in your garden. Listen to find out...


 October 9, 2023  2m

episode 254: 3 Things You Need to Do This Fall BEFORE Mulching Your Container Plants - DIY Garden Minute

On this episode, hear what you need to do BEFORE you put mulch in and around your container plants. These three things will set your plants up (and you!) for success for the months and seasons ahead! Check out how to do each of these 3 things by...


 September 25, 2023  2m

episode 253: 4 Ways to Prep Your Perennials in Containers at Summers End - DIY GM

On this episode, Sean tells you 4 different things you can do to prep your perennials in containers for fall and beyound. Listen to this episode to know what you can do to make sure your perennials are healthy and ready for the fall and winter months!...


 September 15, 2023  3m

episode 252: 7 Perennial Seeds to Sow This Fall - DIY Garden Minute

On today's episode, learn how to sow these 7 perennial plants this fall and if they will grow in your garden! The 7 perennials and their Eden Brothers links are: For planting guides, Get ready for Fall vegetable and flower seed sowing season...


 September 1, 2023  5m

episode 251: 3 Time Saving Options to Simplify Garden Watering - DIY Garden Minute

In this episode, Sean tells you 3 different alternative options that can save you time when watering your plants. Listen to hear all three and save time while watering. And, we'll see ya in the garden! Products and links from this episode:  ...


 August 9, 2023  3m

episode 250: What is Plant Heat Stress and What Plants are Affected - DIY Garden Minute

On today's episode, Sean talks about what plant heat stress is, what popular plants are susceptible, and what signs to look for in your garden. Listen to this episode to hear if you have any of these popular plants in your garden and what to plant...


 July 25, 2023  3m