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The Spoken Garden podcast is here to help you become a better gardener right now. No matter what level of gardener you are, Sean and Allison, are here to help you build your garden care knowledge and skills! By listening to our fast DIY Garden Minute episodes and our longer podcast episodes, learn how to grow and care for your plants and flowers.


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episode 202: 3 Petunia Problems and How to Fix Them Right Away - DIY Garden Minute

Listen to hear our easy solutions to these 3 petunia problems.


 2021-06-28  2m

episode 65535: Saturday Morning LIVE YouTube Garden Chat - 6-19-2021 - General Q&A

Listen to hear all sorts of questions answered!


 2021-06-23  1h5m

episode 201: How to Deadhead Your Petunias - DIY Garden Minute

Learn how to deadhead your petunia plants for more flowers and growth!


 2021-06-22  1m

episode 65535: Saturday Morning LIVE 6-12-2021 Garden Chat - Shade Loving Container Plants

Learn all about and design ideas for shade loving container plants!


 2021-06-16  1h33m

episode 200: 3 Tips to Create Fuller Hanging Baskets and Containers - DIY Garden Minute

Learn these 3 tips to make your hanging baskets and containers grow fuller this summer!


 2021-06-14  2m

episode 65535: Saturday YT Live 6-5-2021 - Sensory Gardens

Learn about what a sensory garden is and what goes into designing one!


 2021-06-11  1h16m

episode 199: 3 Quick Fuchsia Hanging Basket Care Tips for Beginners - DIY Garden Minute

Learn these 3 quick care tips to have healthy and beautiful fuchsia hanging baskets all summer!


 2021-06-07  1m

episode 65535: Saturday LIVE YT 5-29-2021 Memorial Day and Memorial Gardens

Learn about what makes up a memorial garden and get creative ideas to add to your garden!


 2021-06-03  1h0m

episode 198: Granular Vs Liquid Fertilizers - DIY Garden Minute

Learn the difference between and when to use a granular and liquid fertilizer in your garden.


 2021-05-31  2m

episode 65535: Saturday LIVE YT Garden Chat 5-22-2021 Flowering Herbs - Uses and Faves

Listen to our YouTube Live from Saturday, May 22nd, to hear us talk about flowering herbs and much more!


 2021-05-26  1h21m