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The Spoken Garden podcast is here to help you become a better gardener right now. No matter what level of gardener you are, Sean and Allison, are here to help you build your garden care knowledge and skills! By listening to our fast DIY Garden Minute episodes and our longer podcast episodes, learn how to grow and care for your plants and flowers.


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episode 21: Ep21 Proactive Weed Strategy Anytime of Year!

How to proactively weed in your garden year-round.


 2018-08-27  20m

episode 4: DIY Garden Minute Ep4 - To Divide OR Not To Divide Explained

Should or shouldn't you divide your perennials? In 1-minute!


 2018-08-21  1m

DIY Garden Minute Ep3 Watering Made Easy - Automate

This is the DIY Garden Minute by Spoken Garden!  "Teaching you tips and tricks for your Garden in one minute!"    Find more one-minute topics at spokengarden.com/podcast.  Today's topic is Watering Made Easy!...


 2018-08-05  1m

episode 2: DIY Garden Minute Ep2 Pruning V Dead-Heading Revealed!

What's the difference?


 2018-08-02  1m

episode 1: DIY Garden Minute Ep1 Over V Under Watering

Garden Tips and Tricks in a Minute!


 2018-07-30  1m

episode 20: Ep20 How to Design and Build Your Own Pollinator Garden for Any Season

A How-To Guide on Basic Garden Design for a Pollinator Garden


 2018-07-28  22m

Bonus Ep3 Renting Mason Bees

How and Why To Rent?


 2018-07-03  10m

episode 19: Ep19 Veggie Gardening Part 2 - How to Build and Where to Place Your Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

How to Build Your Raised Bed Vegetable Garden and Where to Place It!


 2018-06-10  24m

episode 18: Ep18 Vegetable Gardening: Part 1

What is It and Why Do It?


 2018-05-21  13m

episode 17: Ep17 Best Pest Prevention Strategies for Your Garden

Pest Management in Your Garden and Controlling Common Pests


 2018-04-27  21m