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Welcome to the sports abyss. Hosted by law school buddies Francisco, Andrew & Charles, the Goofs riff on sports when they're not going on tangents about food, video games, & entertainment. We got it all including NHL hockey, NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball & NCAA college sports. Every week we try to learn about a forgotten player, a hall of famer, a woman in sports, a minor league team, & an international team. Plus we commend some folks in sports by dubbing them the Real MVPs & scorn others who are just Goons. We end every show with wrestling talk on WWE, AEW, New Japan, etc. Support this podcast:

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Charles' Big Wrestlemania 37 Preview | SPORTS GOOFS ????

Charles gives us an appetizer of New Japan Pro Wrestling and a side of NXT before bringing out the main course of Wrestlemania 37!

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episode 100: SG 100 w/ Doug Soler: Goofs Forever | SPORTS GOOFS ????

On this episode Doug Soler, one of the original hosts of SPORTS GOOFS, joins us.

Topics this episode:

1. We revisit 3 topics we discussed from our first episode

2. Real MVPs: Angels fans, Baseball Twitter, Bruce Drennan, and the New York Yankees

3. Goons: MLB for suspending Nick Castellanos, Adia Barnes critics

4. You Go Girl: Adia Barnes

5. Uncultured Swine: Formula 1




Sports Bar 1: Examining NCAA v. Alston | SPORTS GOOFS ????

In the first episode of “Sports Bar,” a spin off of the “Sports Goofs” podcast, host Andrew Sagona, J.D., and Kansas City area attorney Zach break down NCAA v. Alston, the lawsuit that was heard at the United States Supreme Court on March 31, 2021. They explain the case’s history, analyze the story behind the case, discuss the arguments in the case, and more...



episode 99: SG 99: Trading Trash For Treasure or Tanking | SPORTS GOOFS ????

Topics this episode:

1. 1999 had some banger music

2. Real MVPs: Kevin Durant & Justin Herron

3. Heat & Marlins get new names for their homes

4. Aaron Ekblad out for the season

5. Buffalo Sabres overrun by an uncontrollable tank

6. Learning about the Capitanes de Ciudad de Mexico

7. Tim Peel put on leave by the NHL

8. Non-sponsors: MTN Dew Rise; Chipwich; FIU Crack Cookies; Need for Speed: Most Wanted; Skittles




episode 98: SG 98 w/ VixenValerie: Women's History Month Unless You're the NCAA | SPORTS GOOFS ????

Topics this episode:

1. The Goofs have succumbed to March Madness

2. Sedona Prince, you go girl!

3. Goons- NCAA, Nick Young, Ohio State fans

4. Honoring Hall of Famer Paul Westphal

5. EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team Controversy

6. Getting to know the Tulsa Oilers and Hanson

7. Non-Sponsors: Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, The Act Man & Let's Game It Out

8. Uncultured Swine: Montreal Alouettes




episode 97: SG 97: Having a Safe Stone Cold Day | SPORTS GOOFS ????

Topics this episode:

1. Andrew secretly runs a drug empire

2. Florida Panthers are good, how did this happen?

3. Safety in Hockey, can the NHL do more? (We must protect Auston Matthews' mustache)

4. Linda Cohn of ESPN, You Go Girl

5. Hall of Famer Jason Kidd

6. Illawara Hawks of Australia's NBL

7. Non-Sponsors: Pokémon Go, Doubletree Hotel Melbourne Beach, Audacity, & Brooks Running Shoes Ghost 13*

8. NFL Free Agency




episode 96: SG 96: Just Say The F Word Instead | SPORTS GOOFS ????

Topics this week:

1. Blake Griffin goes to Brooklyn

2. NBA All-Star Game happened and no one should've cared

3. Renee Montgomery, You Go Girl!

4. Forgotten player Terry Bradshaw. No the other one.

5. Goon: Meyers Leonard and why his mistake is bad for the Jewish people

6. Non-sponsors: Taco Bell, Dinosaur Adventure, Fleet Feet

7. Tom Wilson suspension

8. NHL on ESPN is back



 2021-03-10  2h34m

episode 95: SG 95 w/ Brendan Rourke: Goofs Gondola Down the NBA River | SPORTS GOOFS ????

On this episode Brendan Rourke, contributing writer for the Indiana Pacers, joined us. The Goofs & Brendan get on their gondola to go down the winding NBA river but just the Eastern Conference this week.

1. Goons: Mickey Callaway & Jane Slater

2. Non-Sponsors: Andrew Sagona, Metal Gear Solid V, PS4 DualShock in Rose Gold, & Sea of Thieves.

3. UCF Gush from Andrew & Brendan



 2021-03-03  2h43m

episode 94: SG 94: Unfocused NBA Talk, Nintendo Direct, & Elimination Chamber | SPORTS GOOFS ????


1. The Miami Heat inconsistencies and a surface level view of the NBA

2. Forgotten Player: Andre Miller

3. Non-Sponsors: Fire 'n Ice, Pepsi Wild Cherry

4. Nintendo Direct talk - Mario Golf: Super Rush; No More Heroes 3; The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword; Ninja Gaiden; Samurai Warriors; Splatoon 3

5. 2021 WWE Elimination Chamber Review

6. Goon: Kevin Mather

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 2021-02-24  2h24m

episode 93: SG 93 w/ Johnny Patrick Triolo: Journey Across The NHL; NXT Vengeance Day | SPORTS GOOFS

On this episode we were joined by Johnny Patrick Triolo of Cats 'N Stats.

The topics:

1. Johnny and Francisco take you on a wild ride trying to summarize the entire NHL landscape after a month of play in 2021...


 2021-02-17  2h24m