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A sports psychology, mental toughness, and mental training radio show that seeks to help athletes, coaches and sports parents reach peak performance. Learn the latest mental training strategies to identify ineffective mindsets, improve sports confidence, and boost your performance. Get free mental game tips from sports psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn.

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How to Manage the Toughest Moments of Elite Competitions

In this sports psychology podcast, Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews a former swimmer and now a mental advocate Kimberly Karducci. They discuss mental health issues and how to best manage the toughest moments of elite competitions. They also talked about...



Parents: When Your Athletes What to Quit Sports

In this sports psychology podcast, Dr. Cohn helps parents understand when their athletes should quit sports. Here is the question, Dr. Cohn answers in this episode: JESSICA: My son was so excited for football and ready to play. But he already wants to...



Helping Athletes Manage High Expectations

In this sports psychology video, Dr. Cohn helps athletes improve their mental game for sports. Learn how to get your mindset right when you compete so you can perform your best. In this podcast, you learn about how athletes place expectations on...



Social Approval and Social Media for Athletes: Sports Psychology Podcast

In this sports psychology podcast, Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews former Team Canada Junior National Snowboarder. They discuss social approval for athletes in today's world of social media. How expectations from others and social media can impact...


 2021-08-01  15m

Approaches to Mental Coaching with Dr. Bob Winters

In this week's podcast, Dr. Cohn interviews long-time friend, Dr. Bob Winters, an internationally renowned mental coach, Author and professional speaker.  Known as “Dr. Bob”,  he helps world-class athletes, collegiate players and teams,...


 2021-04-14  22m

The Coaching Zone & Leadership with Dr. John Yeager

In this week's podcast, Dr. Cohn interviews Dr. John Yeager about how coaches can improve team dynamics by understanding how to improve atheltes' Confidence, Hope, Optimism, and Team resilience. Dr. Yeager abd Dr. Cohn discuss about how athletes can...


 2021-04-08  26m

How Mental Training Will Get You to Your Next Level of Play

Are you or your athletes struggling to get to the next level of play? Many times, an athletes' mental game is preventing them from outpacing other players with equal physical abilities.  In this week's podcast, Dr. Cohn speaks with Brenda...


 2021-01-31  24m

Why Athletes Worry too Much About What Others Think

Do you or your athletes tend to worry too much about what others think of your performance? As mental game experts, we know that athletes often get preoccupied with what we have termed "outcome thinking," and tend to play too safely or cautiously as a...


 2021-01-24  3m

Achieve Proactive Confidence for a Healthy Life Balance

Are you an athlete who struggles to maintain a healthy balance between your daily life and your role as an athlete? Many athletes feel a lot of pressure to reach high achievements in their sport and, as a result, lack a healthy balance between their...


 2021-01-10  16m

Don't Let Adversity Affect Your Game

Are you an athlete who struggles with fear of failure in competition? Many athletes spend too much time dwelling on their mistakes, feeling that past mistakes define their future play. When too much pressure is placed on winning, rather than on...


 2021-01-03  28m